Western Sahara: Morocco’s long (and mostly forgotten) occupation

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Steve Brown

Most Pax Americana subjects in the US and Britain had never heard of the Polisario Front or about Morocco’s occupation of the Western Sahara until the Trump regime in its waning days explicitly bequeathed the occupied region to Morocco, in an appeasement deal for Morocco’s recognition of Israel. But Morocco’s corrupt dictatorial monarchy has actively courted Israel for many years, and King Hassan II even arranged for Israeli mossad/shabak spies to spy on other Arab League members at the Arab League summit of 1965, which assisted Israel’s success in its pre-emptive strike on surrounding states in 1967.

Since 1999, King Mohammed VI and his advisor André Azoulay — an influential Moroccan Jew — have cultivated ties with Israel to eventually dictate full relations despite the will of most Moroccan people. And beside arms deals and weaponry, Morocco’s monarchy has aligned with fellow Sunni pact member Saudi Arabia to denounce Iran, eliciting further glee from the United States and militarist Israel.

Morocco’s gambit has been to play a triple game, noting that Morocco has never been a reliable Arab League partner, and Morocco has actively and duplicitously opposed the concept of an Arab republic. But Morocco’s (correctly) double game is most evident by its continued illegal occupation of Western Sahara. Morocco has stated in violation of international law that it will forever refuse the people of Western Sahara their right to self-determination.  As such Morocco bows to its Israeli benefactors, whose human rights violations are extant in Palestine.  While Naftali advocates for Greater lsrael, King Mohammed invokes the same for Greater Morocco.

In the following video links, author and professor Jacob Mundy addresses the history and current status of the Western Sahara occupied region, excerpted from Rania Khalek’s site ‘Dispatches, with all due credit and thanks to Rania Khalek.

 Video Part One  (10 minutes):

Professor Jacob Mundy on Morocco’s history and development of the Western Sahara conflict; Greater Morocco and its occupation in relation to the Polisario Front insurgency; “The Berm”. 

Link:  https://www.bitchute.com/video/PDys9KastvuL/

Video Part Two:

Morocco versus Pan-Arabism; Algerian involvement in Western Sahara; UN Confusion and “referendum agreement”.

Link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Oz5MmTR1raau/

Video Part Three:

Rescinding the Trump regime’s action on Western Sahara; Global attention censuring Morocco and opposing US hegemony; Algeria from Jihad to current rule.

Link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/CDmZj5DsYKE3/

United States: a Warfare State

Author Jacob Mundy describes why the US destabilizes and does not work for peace; no US president has advocated for peace since November 22nd, 1963;

Link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/JfUyz6bsIST3/

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