Google Project Loon Launched Balloons to Circle the Globe

Funny thing, google had a program called “Project Loon” which sent balloons all over the world, with communications gear attached beneath. Google’s Project Loon balloons circled the globe in a nine-year project, and from what can be determined, no one ever complained or shot a balloon down. Also, the balloons regularly crashed over land and there is no known case of anyone being hurt by a balloon or its gear.

The balloons were sent from a Google-owned base in Winnemucca, Nevada. Google discontinued the project because the results were disappointing/ unpredictable, with balloons wandering off course and crashing, fairly regularly.


Although Google claimed to be setting up internet hubs via the balloons, the communications and experimental gear attached below could have been used for anything. Google has roots in CIA spymaster venture capital corp In-Q-tel, thus China could have easily maintained that google’s Project Loon balloons were launched as spy balloons.

Bottom line… China has better “spy balloons” than google? No doubt! Maybe that is why more US taxpayer useless Fed $$ are being wasted by the US Navy to find the remains of the balloon from China, that could apparently do… what Google cannot!

FBI’s Albaniagate

By 1948 the west considered Albania’s Enver Hoxha to be the weakest ruler of any Soviet-aligned state. The western powers have always portrayed Hoxha as being an autocratic bully and thug, however it is not the purpose of this article to argue the issue.*

The point is that the OSS (later CIA) under the direction of ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan and his subordinate Angleton, considered Albania to be the weak link of Soviet satellite states from 1948 going forward. Britain’s MI6 concurred with the CIA, MI6 having previously instigated “Plan Charity” – later called “Operation Valuable” – while the CIA pursued its own agenda to destabilize Albania, and overthrow Hoxha, called Project Fiend or “BG/FIEND” in CIA-speak. Link

Covert operations intended to overthrow Hoxha failed, even though such efforts were pursued by the west until Tito’s death and beyond, by covert western regime change groups, hoping to bring Albania down in a larger effort to collapse the USSR. The western ideal was to infiltrate extremist ultra-nationalist Balli Kombetar operatives into Albania who were favorable to the West, to eventually rehabilitate the communist regime into a government acceptable to Washington. [A brief and arguably biased history of covert western interventions in Albania may appear here: ]

For more history, consider investigative journalist Danny Casolaro’s “Octopus” where Casolaro’s work was founded on his discovery that the Pax Americana effort by a small group of MI6-CIA colleagues to destabilize Albania from 1948 extended to the day of his “suicide” in 1991.** Although the main content of his written work on The Octopus – the pragmatic economic and political means by which the western establishment maintains power – was either lost or disposed of at the time of Casolaro’s mysterious death, some notes remained.

Casolaro’s notes suggested that a small group of covert CIA-MI6 executives who enabled Operation Valuable/ Project Fiend operations in Albania well into the 1950’s, founded the entire basis for US governmental collusion that became today’s quasi-private MIC (Military Industrial Complex) empire. But by Casolaro’s mysterious death, the head of the MIC “Octopus” would not be revealed; Casolaro’s death ensured too, that he would never learn about the US operation that eventually resulted in the illegal NATO bombing and US-led seizure of Kosovo land from Serbia.

But, if Casolaro were alive today (aged 76) he would no doubt be enthralled by Albaniagate the sensational story of a former FBI agent who took payments from an Albanian ‘friend’ (alleged Agron Neza via Deripaska) with connections inside – and outside – the Albanian government. Overall, FBI Albaniagate is a bizarre tale of shadowy Albanian agents in part run by Oleg Mukhamedshin aka “Deripaska” – a Russian businessman – to apparently serve Deripaska’s interests in Albania. As always however, consider that the mainstream media characterization of Deripaska somehow running the FBI’s McGonigal (via former Albanian intelligence officer Neza) is a half-truth at best, when Albanian agents linked to McGonigal are in fact Deep State shills, as we shall see.

[Note that Deripaska is not an associate of the Russian government, and Deripaska does not represent any interest of the government of Russia. Truly Mukhamedshin aka “Deripaska” has a history of being an opportunist asset stripper, period, full stop, and is not politically motivated except in his very own interest. ]

Now, the US complaint versus McGonigal leaves much in question. Deripaska’s advantage in paying-off an FBI contact, namely McGonigal, via an Albanian influence-peddler is not stated and the motive unknown. Reading the complaint versus McGonigal gives little detail about the motive behind McGonigal’s alleged crimes, except that Albanian agents in the pay of an asset-strip specialist (Deripaska) found it to their advantage, to evidently bribe or pay-off an FBI operative. But is that true? Throughout the Grand Jury legal brief, the reader feels that the US Security State is attempting to protect its duplicitous secrets while targeting one of its own, leaving details out based on “national security concerns”.

For example, between September 2017 and June 2018 agent McGonigal visited Albania and Europe on business that may or may not have been official, while an employee of the agency. McGonigal failed to disclose full details of that travel on FBI forms FD-772 and FD-722b. Oh my. McGonigal was further lax in “failing to identify a (certain Albanian) companion, failing to identify countries visited, falsely characterizing the purpose of the travel, and falsely reporting that there would be no reportable foreign contacts on the travel..” Well, well. No doubt the reader has the gist of bureaucratic bullshit primarily intended to target and destroy the FBI’s former man about town.

In other words, after thoroughly examining the sixteen-page US Grand Jury complaint vs former FBI man McGonigal, the reader has no more idea about events than when he or she began, except that McGonigal evidently received $225K USD from an Albanian operative employed by an asset stripper linked to Russia, and received those dollars for something… but for what? Evidently one Albanian identified elsewhere, Agron Neza, paid McGonigal $225K US for some unknown reason, with funds from some unknown source, because there is no evidence provided that Deripaska provided those funds to Neza.

Even so, a few facts are known. One being that McGonigal is (or was?) a partner to the “Lawoffice & Investigation” firm of Albania, the precise purpose of which is unknown. Noting however that “Lawoffice & Investigation” of Albania has the pungent smell of a Security State Front office for NED dirty tricks written all over it, in this author’s opinion.

Likewise according to the FBI itself, McGonigal traveled to Albania with Person A (apparently Neza) in September 2017, where he met with Albania’s prime minister and ‘urged the Albanian government to “be careful about awarding oil field drilling licenses in Albania to Russian front companies.”‘ Note that Albania is an undeveloped oil producer with untapped reserves. Albania’s oil reserves are not large yet still significant where the potential to exploit such reserves in Europe for a very low cost must certainly appeal as much to the ghost of James Jesus Angleton as to Russia.

And so, once again, this is about Russia, Russia, Russia. After sifting through the various documents, gossip, western media nonsense, unpleasant weeds of Albanian politics and US Department of Justice bullshit, it appears that the ghost of Angleton is indeed alive and well, with his descendant operatives entirely concerned that the Albanian government is entirely too friendly with both Erdogan and with Russia.

But how does the foregoing intersect with the US Justice/Grand Jury targeting of FBI agent McGonigal? There is of course the rub. McGonigal perhaps saw an opportunity to earn a pay-off. And just a hunch that he thought he could keep that pay-off close to the vest and quiet. But why did such an opportunity in Albania as McGonigal’s even exist? For what reason? And why was McGonigal’s cover blown now?  Well there are many questions which still await answers.

But one fact is certain, the United States security services still meddle in the politics of Albania today — and all target governments — just as the US has meddled since Angleton’s day. To cover that US political meddling, the FBI and mainstream media must portray the FBI’s Albaniagate as a case of Russian collusion with a bent FBI man, instead of what it truly is. Yes, what Albaniagate truly is, is emblematic of continual US subversion of foreign governments fomenting regime change, just as the United States has with threats and Federal Reserve Notes since Dean Acheson’s day and the advent of the Cold War.

Yet another adjunct and key to Albaniagate however is about targeting. Targeting as manifested by the US Department of so-called Justice. McGonigal is effectively targeted, on relatively trivial and even obfuscated grounds. So is Deripaska. So is Mark Rossini. Along with a host of other existing and former Albanian politicians (in this case) regardless of their past alignment. It’s as if the FBI is throwing as much mud on the wall as it can to see what sticks, and to whom, and mandating that they all be drowned in muddy waters (rhetorically speaking) as all who defy the US Security State must be, in the Totalitarian State of the collective west’s estimation..

Albaniagate’s ultimate irony? Being that indicted FBI man Charles McGonigal was key to the Deep State’s Russiagate hoax.. !

*The long-term agenda of intelligence services and their pursuit of the Security State’s considered national interest supersedes the cult of personality. But a most useful propaganda tool is to play publicly for political influence via the cult of personality, to exploit a leader’s personal flaws publicly as a means to wield power and influence over that leader, in the background.

** Casolaro’s death was determined ‘unresolved’ later on by none other than the FBI.

Neocons Can Be Forcibly Removed from Power

Seemingly eons ago (2019) in the article, Whither Next Neocons? link: (2019) we examined the-then sorry state of affairs going forward for Washington’s Neocon warmongers, with such observations as:

Whether by accident or by design, Washington’s “foreign policy” has now pivoted aggressively to attempt to undermine the world’s greatest powers — formerly its partners — who now stand in opposition to that US aggression: namely Russia and China.


What we must truly fear however is whether or when their meaningless Kabuki dance may turn violent and ugly, when Neocons find themselves in their final death throes, finally understanding that their time has truly passed. And they want to take us all with them – to the grave… just as they always have done.

Time has proven the verity of the above words, but there is a further problem for the former United States* in pursuing that agenda, that the United States is — in its own right — a failed state, which is only currently perpetuated by the present but passing dominance of the US dollar.

For one, the US American industrial base has been decimated by corrupt Wall Street interests and its revolving door (private corporate power collusion with the federal state) for decades, such as the Vanguard Group, State Street, Black Rock, etc which collude with the thoroughly corrupt US central bank system ie the Federal Reserve and its primary dealers Link: to subvert markets and game the financial capital system in the west.

With its decimated industrial base corrupted by Wall Street interests, the former United States is incapable of producing the weaponry needed to provide the ammunition for its proxy war in the Ukraine. With a zombie labor force betting on bitcoin or languishing in its woke basement funded by helicopter dollars, the United States does not have the resources, labor force, or even the moral initiative to prosecute a major war via an adversary with no such issues.

A handful of US Abrams tanks – as vulnerable to modern anti-tank weapons as any other – will not salvage the empire of failed states. Nor will F16’s supplied to the Ukraine, or any other desperate Neocon measure to arm its imperial lackeys.

Proof? For one, check out silver spot. Silver is an essential element for producing weapons of war, and while LMT and GD may be mooning, silver spot is not. The United States cannot produce the weaponry needed for its proxy war in the Ukraine, and, even if it could, does not have the means to get that weaponry to the theater of war via the exceedingly corrupt Kiev regime. Furthermore, the United States is not a “super power’, but a failed state desperately attempting to maintain its hegemonic.. a hegemon that is not only fading fast, but has already seen its demise. (Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan)

While writing about the Neocons’ potential next move in 2019 (recall that the Warfare State will never fold its cards unless forced to do so by facing the wrong end of the barrel of a gun) this author could not quite grasp the now obvious direction for the Oligarchs and Plutocrats who own and operate the United States, namely the Impressive Tradecraft Nuland-State coup of 2014. That is, the US coup in the Ukraine and the opportunity that Pyatt-Nuland Ukraine coup provided. Link:
It was a coup long in the making, from the 1949 time of James Jesus’s Project Fiend /MI6 Operation Valuable of 1949

Link: an ideological obsession that has existed inside the Beltway for far longer than many have lived.

History is a bitch, and those unwilling to consider it are of course doomed to repeat it, with emphasis on doomed. Iconic of that doom will be German tanks rolling across Poland to confront Russia, in a Polish-German pact of aggression, where the perverse will of the collective west in league with a Poland’s vendetta of spite will meet a deadly fate. And that’s precisely what we see today, where Washington’s fantastic board game of Risk must face the hard reality that the Beltway’s global hegemonic reign cannot continue.

Of course, whenever we examine ideology we must consider its purity, and the true Neocon ideology of Machiavellian global dominance and destruction originated with the dogmatic ideologues of Washington, whom have pursued such goals since the end of WW2. It’s an ideological design that dates back to Dean Acheson, Allen Dulles, and James Jesus and their henchmen since the end of WW2. To the point, Warfare State Neocons from Dean Acheson to Jake Sullivan have been on the wrong side of history for almost eight decades.

So for how long can a global hegemon be on the wrong side of history? Theoretically only so long as the rest of the world is willing to tolerate the failed states that such a hegemon creates, and has been allowed to create. For the modern idea of global conquest in the collective west has nothing to do with capturing territory and administering same; the ideological goal of the Neocons is to create failed states.

On no account does Washington wish to conquer and absorb territory that it must administer as empires of old once did. Truly, the Neocons’ Empire as envisaged by faceless Beltway bureaucrats and Deep State operatives is an empire of Failed States where the former United States can reap the resources and production of that territory for itself, while not being encumbered by administration and governmental responsibility for that territory. We see that US failed state modus operandi in Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan etc, and of course… in the Ukraine.

Slowly, the rest of the world may grasp the corrupt cancer that the US ‘rules based order’ represents… when those “rules” are conjured by none other than Antony Blinken or whomsoever Washington’s plutocracy deigns the talking head to be, to issue the State-corporate dogmatic edict for regime change. Whether it be in Syria, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Myanmar … or Russia.

The crux of the issue… how will this US rules-based disorder finally be ended? Most likely ended not by the death of the US dollar, but by its defeat… defeat and marginalization of the $ US as global hegemonic currency. The marginalization and jettisoning of the $ US as reserve currency is often theorized, but factually the US dollar must be seriously marginalized as global reserve currency to forcibly remove Washington’s warfare state Neocons from their power privilege to do damage worldwide.

Slowly, the rest of the world outside the Collective West is adapting to the fact that it must effectively and pragmatically curtail its use and reliance on the US dollar, before the Neocon’s power to create failed states can truly and forcibly be ended. And what will be the result?

When King Dollar is relegated to the bench, the former United States will no longer be able to engage in its wars and provocations of opportunity, and self-interest, and will no longer be able to pursue its agenda of failed state creation. Even US Treasury and EU economic sanctions won’t matter to the adversary, just as we are seeing with Russia and Iran surviving an thriving despite US Treasury sanctions imposed today.

Bottom line, at that future time, when the dollar US is relegated and marginalized as world reserve currency, the USA will be relegated to a has-been power, just as Britain, Rome, and other empires have all eventually failed. The USA will be challenged by the Sino-Russian and BRICS pact, with the dollar US perhaps accounting for 50% of world currency trade, or less. That day is certainly coming.

And when that day is realized – ie that the USA has no more geopolitical power than say Turkey, India, or the China powerhouse, then the Neocon legacy of evil will finally be put to rest, forever.

*Whether the United States as founded has existed since the assassination coup of NOV 22, 1963 is in itself debatable, hence the term “former United States”:

Here’s Why Bitcoin Popped

Here’s why bitcoin popped recently (ie up… see link) but a source says more than $5bn US was recovered, mainly due to Ellison, Yang and others involved in the scam singing their guts out to the feds…

Defacto proof is that BTC is back to the level in fiat it was at prior to the fried Bankman becoming a sacrificial goat.

Fact is, the US government Deep Covert State has very deep reach and interest in bitcoin, one reason being for covert “money” laundering activities..

Google’s Deep Surveillance

It’s interesting that Matt Taibbi’s outing of the FBI’s (apparently) unlawful censorship of twitter accounts has not resulted in a wider conversation about google, which, by its conflict-of-interest ‘ownership’ of YouTube is the major oppressive and suppressive actor, regarding online speech and information.

It is well known that google suppresses search results and even ‘disappears’ subjects and information that may counter whatever Surveillance State narrative that google wishes to push publicly: The public policies and narrative that google publicly enforces also extends to user accounts, by methods that most google users are not aware of, and which will be addressed later.

My anecdotal experience occurred several years ago when I contacted the family of Dr Victor Lukarevsky of “snow cats” fame Link: to assist a family member in setting-up a youtube channel, about the snow cats of Siberia. Of course Dr Lukarevsky and his family members are based in Russia, and even four years ago – long before the SMO – my contact with a Russian account in aid of the Siberian Lynx was enough to set off alarm bells within the google repression machine.

Just subsequent to my contact with Dr Lukarevsky via gmail, Google locked my email account with a message that the account was blocked due to ‘suspicious activity’ whenever I attempted to login. Google being opaque, non-transparent and as suspect as the CIA In-Q-tel parent organization that assisted in creating it, Link: did not of course respond to my appeal, or provide any information at all about why my google account was suspended, including the youtube account created to aid the Siberian Lynx.

The hassle in terms of removing personal information and external linkages to my google account took many hours to remedy. A key learning was to never use google for anything security-related. Instead, I used google for ‘throwaway’ accounts, to access youtube, and to post reviews. Even then, my reviews were being shadow banned although the reviews fully complied with the google terms of service.

Investigating further it seems that shadow banning of google reviews is quite common. LInk: The content can be censored – google characterized as “made private”! — by algorithm filters, or human intervention. Perhaps that’s one reason google employed more than 164K “headcount” by the second quarter of 2022.

Even more insidious, google will link separate google accounts (created by one account holder) without permission or knowledge of the account holder. So if an account holder attempts to evade google’s online suppression by creating a new account, google will, via automated means, apply the same shadow ban and restrictions to the new account as existed with the old account. The account creator has no idea of course that this has occurred.*

For google to engage in this sort of gaming and suppression of user accounts is probably unlawful in the United States, but recall that fascism is the perfect marriage of the Corporation and State, as achieved by the USA many years ago. Ie there will be no federal or state opposition to google’s spying and surveillance, by the US political establishment.

Matt Taibbi’s work documenting the collusion of the federal government with twitter staff and contractors to censor political content critical of political class narrative in the collective west is now publicly known. An article with more about twitter-federal revolving-door online cop Stacia Cardille is here: Link:

But Cardille is just one tiny cog in a federal surveillance and duplicity machine of huge proportion, with regard to potential illegal surveillance operations reporting on US citizens. A federal government surveillance operation where a bewildering array of private contractors aid and abet the federal authorities in that illegal surveillance, censorship, and intimidation of US citizens. Link: But what’s surprising is the failure to highlight google as being central to the overall suppression of online dialogue and freedom of information.

There is no doubt that anti-Trust initiative has failed in the United States when google is allowed to own diverse major online media outlets, especially YouTube, and Playstore for smartphones. Google’s 164K+ employees have applied the same repressive Police State censorship to YouTube as to the google platform itself. An example of a video censored from YouTube is here: but there are many thousands of video examples – perhaps millions? – more.

Now the major online corporates, via the Pentagon, contract to operations such as Newsguard, to further extend their control on what you, the reader, sees, hears and reads: Link: and just beware that phone contact from Sophia Tewa if you are a content provider!

Rapidly becoming a police state leveraging surveillance and censorship just as the former USSR once did — and which the United States denounced way back during the Cold War — FBI surveillance of US citizens has progressed far beyond that implemented by the FBI in the 1970’s during the notorious Hoover-Helms era. Link:

Google has been factually shown to be a key player in the surveillance and suppression of online speech all over the globe – not just the former USA. As such, google should be investigated and prosecuted for its crimes. However, since the federal government of the USA now embodies the prefect marriage between the Corporation and State, it’s clear that will not happen.

*The only sure means to defeat such google account linkage (desktop/laptop) is by uninstalling google chrome and then clearing the registry (windows) of all chrome entries, with your desktop disconnected from the internet, and avoid logging in to google from your smartphone.

Steve Brown

Steve Brown began writing about geopolitics on SourceWatch: Iraq the road to war (2004) Bush Administration War Crimes in Iraq (editor, 2008) and Inside Zion Oil (2009). Steve edited video for the Real News Network channel (2005) and Access Television (2006) then moved on to writing articles published by the Guerrilla News Network site (GNN) until its demise in 2009. Since then Steve Brown has contributed numerous articles on geopolitics and conflict zones to Stategika51, The Ron Paul Institute, Fort Russ News, Herland Report, Sign of the Times, The Duran, GlobalResearch, and other blogs and websites.  Steve’s blog Novus Confidential appears on WordPress.

Nugan Hand the Genesis for CIA Drugs for Arms Black Ops Since 1980

Nugan Hand was a CIA arms/drugs black ops bank during the 1970’s, and prototype for all drugs for arms and CIA black ops bank deals that have come after – from BCCI to Ukraine Oligarch Kolomoisky’s PrivatBank. Today, more than forty years subsequent to the Nugan Hand bank collapse, the CIA still refuses to release FOIA request documents relating to Nugan Hand bank.


Michael Jon Hand, partner mastermind criminal behind operation of the bank, was given protection by the CIA — and a new identity — subsequent to his flight from Australia in 1980. Link:

Interesting that the Wikipedia page for Hand does not include information that Hand AKA Fuller died in 2020, probably because wikipedia editors are too dense.. or more likely too bought… by the CIA, to allow that to be published.

Also interesting that all Wikipedia entries about deceased senior US military/ CIA figures connected to the Nugan Hand bank, including General Leroy Manor; CIA officer Ted Shackley; CIA Director William Colby; and principally Admiral Earl Yates  (and others!) have no mention regarding their Nugan Hand bank connections documented in their wikipedia pages.

For reference see Kwitny and (Peter) Butt’s books on the Nugan Hand subject, and there are many more factual histories, including that of the Stewart Royal Commission. I’d add something, but based on the authoritarian government state-sponsored censorship we are seeing in the Collective West, I’m certain any addition to wiki pages with regard to Nugan Hand will be removed.

Although there were earlier CIA banks – such as Paul Helliwell’s Castle Bank, it is impossible to understand the corruption and decay that began to truly and fully saturate the United States governmental system after 1980, without a thorough study of the operations of the Nugan Hand bank and the participation of CIA and US military officers in the bank’s affairs.

Further reading and ref:
The Crimes of Patriots
The Octopus
Merchants of Menace

FTX Collapse Highlights the Extreme Depth of US Corruption

Opening a fortune cookie at an Asian restaurant only to find an FTX advert inside well illustrates just how extant and perfidious western fraud has become. Powers-that-be in crooked Vanguard-BlackRock markets leapt on the crypto bandwagon to assist in laundering Fed funny money, to sterilize free capital, launder it, and keep easy Fed thin-air dollars out of gold and silver.

Note that highly criminalized operators like BlackRock, Vanguard, StateStreet, etc pushed GBTC, Microstrategy, ARKK, RIOT (for example) on the forever greedy/gullible public with CNBC and Bloomberg marketing scams, supported by dodgy exchanges. FOMO marketing — led by the detritus who rule — was just one part of the plan.

With so much capital and political power (related to that capital) at stake, and the ability for bitcoin/crypto to sterilize capital as well as launder it, there was never any prospect that bitcoin would be the revolutionary holy grail to topple the criminal western monetary system – and its dirty banks – that shills like Max Keiser, Mike Saylor, and Stacy Herbert said it would.

The punters that Keiser and Musk suckered into crypto play on the same slippery field as the Bank of Big, but at least the Bank of Big has some window dressing of trust, and perhaps some accountability, whereas the depraved gen z drug addicts of crypto have none. Link:

Now it appears that the MSM is beginning to “black hole” the FTX collapse details and ‘Epstein’ the fraud. Search for ‘Sam Bankman Fried flees’ on google… latest reports date from nine days ago and more. Whether in the Bahamas (…or not) so far as we are aware no Interpol red notice or US federal arrest warrant has been issued for his arrest… which is astounding and well illustrates how amoral and corrupt the “democracy” of censorship and cancel culture in the former United States has become.

Instead of “Bankman-Fried” fleeing for Argentina – as erroneously reported by others – it appears the best that the failed Congress can do is to invite this inhuman piece of excrement to a Capitol hearing … where he will no doubt be scolded a bit by Congress members (owned by the very Wall Street scammers who allowed FTX to ever happen in the first place) and then allowed to leave without an arrest.

Meanwhile plenty in the crypto sphere still say the FTX fraud represents “growing pains” and “teething issues” for crypto. That’s crap. Crypto – all of it – walks talks and behaves like a scam. And that’s the crypto scam… “stablecoins” “tokens” or whatever crypto-con fantasy you wish to describe, obfuscated in whatever acronym terms, jargon, insider buzz words, or utter nonsense that seem persuasive in prolonging the fraud.

Novus Confidential has written for years about the money laundering scam that is crypto:

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The next move is determine whether highly suspect characters such as Tina Kotek and many Democrat politicians had their campaigns financed not just by George Soros – a dangerous Deep Stater of long note – but also by the 30-year old meth freak “Sam Bankman Fried” and his vile crooked accessories, such as Caroline Ellison.

These crypto crooks are far more dangerous than common criminals. That’s because crypto crooks loot, pilfer, and debauch with the blessing and encouragement of Vanguard Group, BlackRock, State Street and many more established Wall Street names and banks, in collusion with their obvious cohorts/henchmen at the Fed-Treasury and primary dealers.

Beyond that, the “Bankman-Fried”‘s of this world unduly wield influence in America’s democracy which is not “a democracy” at all – and certainly not a Constitutional Republic as founded…. but an abomination of corruption, criminality, perfidy, and politicized perversion.

**… there are many more articles about the Fed-supported crypto scam on this site

Steve Brown

70 Years On, The Octopus is Alive and Well

Few in the west know of Operation VALUABLE, the 1947 US OSS (CIA) /SIS (MI6) plan for regime change in Albania, seventy-plus years ago. Back then, a hard core of OSS (CIA) and MI6 regime change specialists perceived Albania to be the most vulnerable state – allied to the USSR – to target.

Albania Operation VALUABLE

The Deep State, CIA, and MI6’s key learning from the failure of Operation VALUABLE was that a strong head of state must be forcibly removed from power, before or during the engineered regime change operation, whether by assassination or by political coup. Thus the failure to remove Hoxha by force prior to infiltrating King Zog operatives into Albania was deemed an error, by that measure.

Enver Hoxha, Albania

An analogy to Operation VALUABLE is Operation Ajax of 1953. Operation Ajax was the CIA coup to topple Mossadegh of Iran, and install the Shah. But unlike the failure to return King Zog to the throne in Albania, the CIA was successful in Iran, toppling Mossadegh and installing the Shah. Removal of Libya’s Qaddafi and Yanukovich of the Ukraine followed much the same US regime change pattern, in general.*

From Operation VALUABLE – which was terminated by 1953 – emerged a hard core of CIA Elite regime change operatives, led by Dean Acheson, Allen Dulles, and Frank Wisner, as well as James Jesus Angleton by 1954. The failure of VALUABLE haunted Angleton and inspired his pointless witch-hunts as CI chief for many years, occasionally compromising other covert operations.

To illustrate the persistence and legacy of the original cold war warriors bent on destroying the USSR and its satellites via Albania (and to destroy Russia via the Ukraine today) the successors to the CIA hard-core established Kosovo via NATO’s war on Serbia, as a rogue state carved out of Serbia and allied to Albania, noting that Serbia is considered to be a staunch ally of Russia.

And, fully thirty years on from Operation VALUABLE in 1953, CIA-connected George Wakenhut and CIA operative John Philip Nichols touted their Cabazon Arms operation (developed with the Cabazon Indian band) in 1983 as “products that could be utilized in small countries bordering Albania, or large countries bordering the Soviet Union” in order to destabilize them. The Cabazon Arms document also discussed biological weapons development, fuel-air bombs, and the Wakenhut/Cabazon relationship with Valleyfield Chemical of Canada (Gerald Bull) and the rail gun. (Bull was assassinated by the mossad in 1991.)

Point being, since the inception of the CIA as successor to the OSS, and end of world war 2, the CIA and related collective west Deep State operatives have maintained their focus on destabilizing and destroying Russia as a sovereign state for a span of 70 years, noting that anti-Soviet sentiment among western Elites preceded the second world war, to the date of foundation of the Soviet Republic.

Casolaro’s evident belief however was that The Octopus is not a monolithic entity simply dedicated to destroying the Soviet Union and Russia, but the sum of its moving parts, all with a particular agenda, some of which may intersect.** These myriad parts act together when circumstances dictate and allow. Militarily, US aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and provoking the SMO all neatly fit the Octopus agenda. Politically, Russiagate, C-19, Iran provocation, and blind CW support for Israel regardless of its crimes (for example) all neatly fit the Octopus agenda, too.

When seen in this light – ie that The Octopus consists primarily of militarist private corporations in collusion with the collective west’s governmental Deep State, and the Machiavellian means by which they work together, the Octopus is no longer a mystery, but a beast risen from the depths with its many complex tentacles plain to see.

* Other examples include Arbenz, Lamumba, Allende, and General René Schneider.
But the CIA’s state policy of political assassination is not always possible or desirable. When the Shah criticized US support for Israel and pursued policies incompatible with US direction by the mid-1970’s, there was no popular regime change alternative that the US could or would support, so the Shah was allowed to fall instead of being assassinated and replaced with a US actor. Georgia’s Rose Revolution, Syria (Assad), Venezuela (Maduro), North Korea, Iran today, the Ukraine, and Russia provide examples where the best the CIA may potentially hope for is popular revolt, where US political assassination is not an option, due to tight state security or failed opportunity, as in the case of Fidel Castro.

**Arguable that Hillary Clinton’s “Arab Spring” particularly focused on Syria, due to Syria’s relative alliance to to the Russian Federation.

US NSA’s Hollow NATO Threats

On Jake Sullivan’s threat to escalate in the Ukraine with NATO and US troops:

The Russian leadership will take the threat seriously, while eventually coming to the conclusion that the US threat is a bluff, and will coincidentally consider National Security Advisor Sullivan’s threat as the virtual farce of the US midterm elections play out.

NSA Jake Sullivan knows well that militarist radical ideologues of Washington’s war party have held sway for a very very long time, as the ideological vanguard of the “western alliance” (perhaps more correctly known as the collective west or CW) and forged US ‘failed state’ policies for seventy+ years.

James Jesus Angleton CIA super spook

And yet, despite CIA control of the MSM and political institutions in the US (and much of the collective west) since the late 1970’s, Neocons have known from the very outset of Dean Acheson’s cold war (1947) to the Empire of Chaos and Lies of today, that their ideology re destruction and chaos to advance US hegemony, must one day end. Will that end be via Russia’s push for a “fair world order” by way of civil war in the Ukraine?

In other words, Neocon ideologues have seen the evolution of their ideology (since 1947) and pinnacle of their success by provoking the SMO now. The beltway’s radical ideologues further understand that loss of this moment will at least sideline their radical extremist Globalist 4th Reich, perhaps to a greater extent than US militarists were harmed by their defeat in Vietnam..

The radical ideologues of chaos and destruction inside the beltway know this is now or never; that this is their moment of vile glory… even if there is another potential reality too, that Washington’s radical militarist extremists – at highest levels of political power for seventy years – are more vulnerable and at more peril than ever.. Reality is that Washington’s Neocons are cowards at heart, snakes in the grass, depraved of the depraved, fixed in self-awareness of that fact, which underlies their pompous belligerence and haughty arrogance, garnered over years of subversion, lies, and deceit at the highest levels of US political power.

Likewise the downtrodden subjects of the heavily propagandized collective west have a brief attention span, which has allowed Neocons at the highest levels of power to persist in their macabre Kabuki dance for hegemony and chaos, and for many decades, relentlessly. Thus Neocons know the foregoing, and that they have a short time to “succeed” even as the public of the CW are relentlessly hounded and intimidated by the war cries of the MSM.

Indication is, that the Russian leadership fully comprehends the above. The conclusion must be that Russia will continue its war of attrition via the SMO without provoking a major escalation that will provoke intervention of NATO troops specifically (or US troops) by continuing to pound infrastructure in Kiev and the west of the Ukraine, while holding the Donbass. Likewise, Russia’s conclusion must be that the perfidious Albion-USA is bluffing about a major US escalation.

Such a war as Sullivan’s would destabilize whatever passes for the US “economy” which is only capable of producing FAANG fantasies and perverse Hollywood nonsense, having sanctioned and ‘tariffed’ its way into a trade war box. The former United States is no longer a manufacturing power, and is no longer able to intimidate as the global hegemon effectively, even if State thinks it can. There is reliable information that the US and Europe are engaging in some limited new manufacture of new weaponry, but that’s late in the day, and not enough to sustain a major world war.

Neocons of course understand that a major war with Russia must have short-term negative economic consequences. However war party radicals have believed for decades that “war is good for the economy” …an absolute falsehood, where the “benefit of war” truly only benefits the bank ledgers of war party Neocons themselves.

In fact, the United States, NATO and its allies are incapable of sustaining a major world war. Such a war would provoke China’s response to covertly assist Russia, just as Iran is alleged to do now, but on a far greater scale. Such a war would provide excellent cover for China to finally defeat the psychotic terrorists of the KuoMinTang who have ruled Taiwan for just as long as the USA has targeted the former USSR and Russia.

Via such events we can only conclude that the vile scoundrels deep inside the satanic underbelly of US State – the Neocons – will finally be defeated too…. and no one knows that better than the Beltway Neocons themselves.

Conclusion: US threat to escalate via NATO in the Ukraine is a bluff.

Fugitive Nugan Hand CIA Banker (Was) Alive & Well in Idaho Falls … where else?

Based on the extant corruption and criminality that defines the United States financial system, and revelations that the US government has been factually/verifiably involved in illegal arms-for-drug running operations via the DEA-CIA and Justice Department for many years, let’s note that Michael Jon Hand (alias Michael Jon Fuller) of the failed Nugan Hand CIA drug-running bank, was alive and well in Idaho Falls, until 2020. US internet searches provide no context for Hand’s death, probably because the US government provided Hand with the new identity of “Fuller” after he fled Australia in 1980.

The foregoing is not news, known about for years. And unlike Assange, Michael Jon Hand aka “Fuller” had nothing to worry about. That’s because the number one “eye” of the Five Eyes happily ignores crimes of CIA men who tear apart Vietnamese people during a filthy war – for which Hand incredibly received a DSC – a war provoked by an unelected US ‘president’ who should have never been, and a war which should have never been.

Michael Jon Hand AKA “Fuller”
Hand Australia passport photo ‘disguise’ 1980

Peter Butt’s brilliant investigatory work led to identifying Hand’s whereabouts, as far back as 1991:


Coincidentally, 1991 was the year investigative reporter Danny Casolaro was murdered for what he discovered about crimes of “the Octopus”, or what we call the Deep State today. Of many connections, Danny is reported to have claimed that Nugan Hand bank and BCCI bank had verifiable links and connection.

A link between BCCI and Nugan Hand likely existed in the form of Marc Rich (now deceased) who was involved in illegal arms deals to Iran during the 1970’s, illegal arms deals which both Nugan Hand and BCCI were involved in.


Marc Rich: controversial commodities trader and former fugitive dies aged 78 | Commodities | The GuardianMarc Rich and ex-wife Denise in 1986, three years after he was indicted in the US on charges of evading $48m in taxes, fraud and illegal oil deals with
Marc Rich arms dealer and swindler

[Marc Rich was pardoned by Bill Clinton on January 20, 2001, just hours before Clinton left office. If any more proof is needed that the US Executive is simply cover for governmental criminal operations on behalf of Oligarchs and Plutocrats who bankroll its federal candidates – of either political party – start there. ..ed.]

By 1991 Danny Casolaro probed many of the moving parts of this covert machine, notably related to Iran contra criminals such as Richard Secord and covert CIA banker Thomas Clines, both notorious CIA financial criminals. The connection between Nugan Hand’s drug-running for the CIA funded arms supplied to South Africa’s Botha regime. Later Secord setup STTGI (Stanford Technology Trading Group International) which funded illegal weapons sales via Israel to Iran, re Iran’s war with Iraq during the 1980’s with BCCI as the go-between bank.


As for Danny Casolaro, his work died with him when his manuscript and notes disappeared at the time of his murder in 1991. But fragments have survived. Casolaro discovered that BCCI and Nugan Hand were connected to CIA drug deals for arms, arms supplied to rogue regimes. This author’s belief is that BCCI and Nugan Hand had identical business models, but direct links between the two banks cannot be proven. If Casolaro found a link between BCCI and Nugan Hand banks, that knowledge died with him.

Even so, material on Iran contra and the Iran hostage crisis exists, but little has been written about how those covert ops were financed. That’s precisely analogous to 911, where the Zelikow 911 commission refused to consider how the New York attacks were financed.

While Casolaro concentrated on the factual INSLAW/PROMIS software theft by the US Department of Justice, Casolaro linked George Wackenhut, the DEA, CIA and Cabazon tribe too, via informant Robert Booth Nichols. Nichols was factually linked to corrupt political operatives/ contractors as key accessories, to the poisonous contract Security State that has evolved over decades. That construct has become the toxic and exceedingly dangerous US Security State of today, and notably Casolaro was killed for the connections he ultimately uncovered/discovered regarding it, decades before.

So let’s step back and consider the plight of the US security state at the time of its defeat in Vietnam, when Nugan Hand and BCCI banks were founded. After the Vietnam defeat, the CIA and US covert operations suffered from bad morale, a bad reputation, and an unusually inquisitive Congress in the form of the Church Committee. The Church Committee’s brief was to investigate the CIA’s bungling and atrocities, such as the Lamumba affair, Laos, Korea, Bay of Pigs (JFK killing), U2 debacle, Arbenz, Allende assassination (Chile), Vietnam, and many more.

Back then, the CIA’s criminal enterprises were covered by the notorious liar and cheat Dick Helms, who lied and deceived Congress during those difficult years, to cover for the Agency’s wayward ways. So, funding of CIA assassinations, regime change, illegal arms deals and covert ops was not as easy then as it is now. Today a compliant and equally corrupt US Congress will acquiesce to any Security State demand, no matter how Machiavellian, vile, corrupt, or criminal.

But at that time, federal-sponsored covert weapons and drug deals had nowhere to go without funding; the Federal Reserve would not simply create billions of dollars out of thin air to fund covert arms deals and black ops, as it does now. Likewise, the US military had to be involved in the criminality somehow, and that was the template for BCCI and Nugan Hand financing.

During the difficult years for the CIA, the CIA funded its heinous acts by trading arms for drugs, particularly related to the Laos war, but also in Burma, Thailand, ie the “Golden Triangle’ …to fund covert operations. The CIA factually ran drugs to Australia, the USA, and Europe to fund and supply arms for the various covert and insanely nefarious regime change criminal enterprises the CIA was involved in, and has always been involved in, throughout its sordid, tawdry history. We see the tragic results today where the entire world is on the verge of nuclear war, and generation shave been ruined by drug abuse.

But most importantly, during the 1970’s and 80’s the CIA required the services of banks outside the USA to do their dirty work, since the CIA was under such scrutiny by US Congress. Hence, the evolution of CIA-connected BCCI/Nugan Hand and their financial crimes are epitomized by the collective west’s foul/toxic culture of militarism — then as now. The US government financed — and still finances — illegal weapons deals, where global destabilization is an accepted norm, no longer considered a matter of controversy, as federal governmental duplicity/corruption was considered controversial years ago.

As such, understanding the Nugan Hand/BCCI criminality and its intersection with US military and intelligence services after 1980, provides a context to appreciate US federal government militarist covert operations and their corruption today.

Suicide Frank Nugan and his associate Michael Hand swindled many millions at a time when millions were “worth swindling”, ie during the 1970’s, until 1980. Hand aka Fuller died in 2020, and as a former CIA operative who worked for Bill Colby it’s no wonder US ‘law’ refused to touch him.. An Australian warrant existed, but Hand was considered an US “intelligence asset” and the Australian government as timid about rocking the security state’s boat. The word “Justice” is simply not in the US vocabulary, an eventuality to whit Hand must – may he rest in disgrace – be forever grateful.

Hand – aka Fuller – lived in Idaho Falls for years and was founder/operator of “Top Knives”


Welcome To TOPS Knives – TOPS Knives Tactical OPS USATOPS Knives, Tracker Knife, Bushcraft Knives, Survival Knives and Tom Brown
Hand’s knife company

Unfortunately, the collective west’s predilection for hegemonic power via militarism, war, terror and destruction is a monopoly the collective west has been proud of for decades. That pride of arms is a deadly sin which has brought the west to the verge of catastrophe, and will eventually spell its own demise.

As for Hand? He lived out his criminal days under the protection of the “Five Eyes” … never having been brought to justice.

Reading: Merchants of Menace by Peter Butt