Never Kiss the Snake Twice

Steve Brown

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Unlike ‘Toria’ Kagan-Nuland’s 2014 “leaked” bombast in her five-minute phone call about US imperial designs on Ukraine, few will listen to the three hour audio conversation where Iran’s Zarif sounds off on issues most relevant to Iran’s internal political plight. Iran supposedly initiated a probe into the leaked Zarif conversation (comprehensively referenced here) but sources indicate the leak was internal even if the tendency is to think ‘CIA-shabak first’. (An analysis appears here)

As the analysis states, it’s tempting to see Iran as a monolith. Even skilled observers sometimes fall for the web of paranoia and fear spun by Washington/Tel Aviv media spinmeisters about Iran. The western media universally claims that Iran is fomenting insurrection in the Middle East while being an existential threat to Israel, when precisely the opposite is true.

And while the MEK may be more insidious to Iran’s government than say anti-Castro fanatics are to Cuba, leaving terrorists aside, there are clearly influential elements within Iran who wish to court the west, otherwise the JCPOA would never have been agreed to.* But perhaps more interesting than Zarif’s rather mundane take on Iran’s internal politics, is the US response to the leak. The US response reinforces the notion that even if the leaked audio originated from an internal source, that source was likely in league with either US or Israeli intelligence.

Cui bono? Western intel services want us to believe that Israeli intelligence was harmed here; that Iran is the true culprit in all; that Iran is the threat to world peace and not the US Axis powers. Then there’s the ultimate aim of the leak, being to scupper talks taking place between the US and Iran right now. There is a back story too where Israel has continually attacked and sabotaged oil tankers carrying oil from Iran to Syria, and in one instance a damaged oil tanker polluted Israeli beaches. Of course we know who Bibi’s Pharisees – and Washington – will blame for that.

Unlike Saudi Arabia, Iran’s leadership and its people have been resistant to Wall Street’s siren long before the revolution of 1979, when Mossadegh nationalized Iran’s oil industry seventy years ago. Mossadegh’s actions led to his deposition by Allen Dulles’s CIA, and Mossadegh’s eventual assassination. Even pro-western elements in Iran are aware of such heinous US acts as political assassination, which is still experienced by Iran’s leaders to this very day.

That poses the Big Question: why does Iran continue to play the US game? After all it’s unwise to kiss the snake the first time, much less twice. That snake trades in paper issued by the Federal Reserve and transferred by SWIFT so is that what Iran wants? Or perhaps Iran wishes to re-engage and shed its image as pariah state as imposed on it for decades now, by the United States and Israel? Hmmm, none of this seems to fit.

Here we return to the idea that Iran is not a monolith, and competing powers within Iran have competing agendas. However they conflict, Iran must realize that the Axis of Resistance is of paramount importance. Iran knows that the United States is not a reliable partner. And the world knows that Iran is the major power dedicated to defeating the monster that the United States created: ISIS. Likewise Iran is the only major power to oppose Israeli brutality toward Gaza and Palestinian resistance to Israel’s apartheid regime, which is enshrined in Israeli law.

For those reasons and more, Iran must end its pointless talks with the United States. Iran must reinforce its alliance with Russia, and alignment with China — and Afghanistan — going forward. Despite its conflicted internal agenda, Iran must know that kissing the snake the first time was a major blunder and that only the Axis of Resistance matters now.

*The fact that Iran is not a monolithic political entity may have saved it from major US aggression during the previous US regime.

Fired Rio Coal Boss Goes to the Pears

Steve Brown

Ever wondered what ‘pear-shaped’ means in Aussie lingo? Defined as “a situation that has gone awry, perhaps horribly so”, Albanese’s Mozambique coal deal certainly fits the bill. The case against former Rio strong man Tom “Coal Baron” Albanese just went there too with the former lead man forced to imagine his surprise when ‘inactionable puffery’ led to his occupational demise.

One must wonder too what sort of exploration boss sets up a massive coal mine in a place where the coal has no way to get to market. Sort of like finding coal on Mars. Terror-infested Mozambique makes a great analogy like that, except Mozambique is closer. That the Titans of Industry can be so incredibly thick must surprise no one. One can only conclude that incompetence is indeed the worst form of corruption and Rio Tinto is a poster child for that. Even if the incredibly criminalized elements who infest Wall Street’s front-running digitized bucket shops care less.

Rio Tinto’s farcical management — whether former or current — is always laughable, not just tragic. And the fact that the crooks who personify Wall Street ‘investors’ – whether corrupt “wealth managers” or Dealer Bank shills – laugh right along with them on the way to Fed-fueled inflated share prices surprises no one either, and only inflates that tragedy.

But Big Boss Albanese can only testify to the court about how surprised he was to learn that he got canned due to his own innate and abject stupidity on Mozambique. It’s a fact that underling Preston Chiaro had to tell Albanese about what incredibly bad judgment that coal deal was, also of supreme irony. Suspicions should be aroused when such discussions were taking place between Chiaro and Albanese when Chiaro’s company-sponsored “charity” was about to take delivery of millions in “charitable gifts” (oops I mean “endowment”) from Rio Tinto, based on further bad judgement by Albanese.

He who laughs last does not always laugh all the way to the bank like Albanese and his cohorts… but may at least ultimately maintain the moral high ground. Which is not difficult among Rio’s tainted river of vile grifters and miscreants, whether former or current.

Rebuilding Ayatollah Mike’s Deep State

Steve Brown

Whether War in Ukraine, provocations in the Gulf, Russia confronting Israel over IAF attacks in Syria, or Ansarullah’s success in disrupting Saudi oil infrastructure — or North Korea, Iran, or Afghanistan — the major western media is covering hardly a word at all.  Why not?  Historically western disinformation centers pounced on any event where US hegemony was challenged.  But ever since the US attempt to destroy Syria in 2011 we have seen the Security State lose its way.

Beginning with Max Keiser’s old CIA boss ‘Buzzy’ Krongard and the scandal involving his brother,  Bush’s  duplicity (followed by Obama) progressed from fake yellowcake to Wikileaks, to Ed Snowden and Glenn Greenwald, revealing the corruption at the heart of Empire. Now the Wikileaks era has ended with mass censorship by social media and prosecution, because the security state apparatus has experienced instability.  

Just subsequent to the US assassination of Iran’s military leader last year, the CIA’s “Prince of Darkness” was declared dead (by some sources) when a CIA E11A aircraft was shot down — either by the Taliban or by Iran — in Afghanistan.  Whether killed by the Taliban or not, Ayatollah Mike has not been seen in public since. D’Andrea is supposedly the State-sponsored assassin behind all recent US state-sponsored political assassinations, for example Iran’s Soleimani, and Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden provided food to the sharks after all instead of being captured and singing his guts out in a CIA-sponsored interrogation session featuring ‘enhanced techniques’. 

Purported details of D’Andrea’s demise exceed imagination and one must wonder if they are actually true. One report says that he was killed not on the plane, but as found hiding in a village.  Yet another account has it that D’Andrea was in such peril after Soleimani’s assassination by the United States that the CIA engineered DAndrea’s fake death. Another more plausible report has it that Iran is behind the operation as further revenge for Trump’s killing of their commander. 

But no “official” US governmental source will ever deny or affirm whether D’Andrea is living or not, or even acknowledge that the Dark Prince exists. Even so, the loss of Ayatollah Mike merits ‘great impostor’ status and a necessary illusion for the CIA to keep alive.   Whether this fallen CIA ninja-creature hero is alive or not is now irrelevant. D’Andrea is simply one potential martyr for Empire, among others. And future contract assassins hired by the Agency in the name of hedge funds and hubris are plentiful. 

Nonetheless D’Andrea’s proposed demise left a chaotic milieu for the US security state in planning new assassinations and new failed states.  Hoping that appeasement of Israel might allow him a two-term regime, the former president mightily miscalculated. From 2015, much occurred to destabilize the Failed State apparatus that ruled DC, where the incompetent reign of war criminal Gina Haspel emasculated the CIA and sowed discord among ranks, resulting in low morale in an agency already known for its misdeeds. 

This chaotic CIA dog mess was largely engendered by the Agency itself in its considerable effort of State to depose the former president. The security state’s self-inflicted diversion weakened the service and in the last days of the regime, acting defense chief Miller stepped into this CIA stench. Miller managed to do quite a lot of damage to CIA imperial hubris beyond that.  Miller even attempted to reinstate Kennedy’s 1961 NSAM-57,  a National Security Action Memorandum that mandated the criminally corrupt CIA to report its activities first to the president.  Kennedy’s 1961 effort versus the CIA ended with his assassination. In 2020, Miller only managed to restrain the CIA’s crooks to the extent that Ezra Cohen must report only to him (Miller) directly, that being his only success.  By that time Trump’s intent was to avenge himself on the wrongs the security state had perpetrated upon him, and not dependent on any higher ground the president intended to claim since he could not.

As such, the 2021 crisis – as Neoliberals call it – is to restore the failed-state foreign policy agenda that Bush-Obama ushered in via NATO, nation-building, and the US predilection for creating failed states since 2003. Now under cover of rather frivolous or irrelevant domestic issues, the United States attempts to ignore all world events while it rebuilds a failed foreign policy agenda of warfare and aggression as formerly pursued by both Bush and Obama. 

However, the United States has a problem. The US now operates from a position of supreme weakness; weakness far more prevalent now than when Hilary Clinton embarked on her Arab Nightmare — or “Arab Spring” — ten years ago.  And which politically correct pundit would allow a term like “Arab Spring” to be used today?   The reason the former United States cannot address Ukraine, the Gulf, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, China, or any of the other global issues it must confront is because the US is no longer the power it once was.

To the contrary Bill Burns, the US has no allied face to present to the world. Israel?  Saudi?  No, the United States has consistently broken trade agreements. The US has broken political agreements. It has violated moral agreements and shown itself to be a duplicitous bad actor, not a world leader.  It has employed sanctions to punish, mutilate, and kill.  We see that every day when the US sticks its head in the sand and will see no evil with regard to the violent world it has assiduously worked to create, and still pursues. And there is no way back.

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The Impostor President

Steve Brown

An impostor leader, as supported by the State, is a common thread in history. The Pseudo-Nero (of which there were three!) is just one example when a bloated Rome began its very nascent stage of decay. Medieval Japan and China warlords used the impostor tactic when a strong leader either died or was slain. Usually, the ruse was to present the deceased leader as being alive via an impostor, to persuade the populace that its leader is still alive and ruling. In exceptional cases, the actual corpse of the deceased leader was displayed publicly, as if he or she was indeed a living ruler. Impostors may be used by the State too, when the leader is a serious target for assassination, or for tactical purposes. Such an example being actor M. E. Clifton James who played General Bernard Montgomery during the second world war. 

There is a certain qualifying circumstance for employing an impostor as leader. The party in power — or seeking power — must have no figure charismatic/credible enough (and by popular consent) to outright assume the place of leadership, in lieu of the fallen or missing leader. Sometimes it’s necessary to force the Impostor into power, as occurred with war criminal Lyndon Johnson for example; or by action of a captured and powerful entity such as the DNC.

Hopeful Hillary Clinton, as well as presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump have all been characterized by their opponents as being impostors. But first, consider the word “impostor” to mean someone pretending to be someone else for personal gain or recognition. One might say that all US presidents since the murder of JFK have been impostors, since no US president since then has ever represented the interest and will of the people, only special interests.

‘Impostorship’ theory of presidents and hopefuls:

  • Hillary Clinton only rose to prominence by marriage
  • Bush didn’t really have the votes
  • Obama wasn’t American
  • Trump was installed by Vladimir Putin

…or so their opponents claim. By the last example, the Deep State itself characterized the president as being an impostor.  An earlier example is Lyndon Johnson, who was forced into power by the state after the murder of John F Kennedy. However, the purpose of this article is not to examine such claims, but to introduce a new alleged impostor:  Joe Biden.

Now, consider the status of the United States as being a second-rate or third-world power when reserve currency status of the US dollar is ignored. For a third-world power, the wealth of the nation is almost entirely owned by 1% or fewer. Likewise, the people are not allowed any choice with regard to who may rule over them. Characterized as a “liberal democracy” (instead of a Constitutional Republic) the former United States is better characterized as a Captured State where the people have no real political choice worthy of difference.  The relevant and weird selection of Biden-Harris to govern has been covered elsewhere, even by media entities friendly to the DNC coup, so let’s examine the qualities of an impostor in depth to determine if Biden fits the bill.

Tim Holmes’ article “How to Become a Great Impostor” (Link: ) provides the insight we need to identify the modus operandi of a successful impostor. Holmes describes the qualities needed as such:

  • reciprocity
  • consistency
  • social proof
  • getting people to like you
  • authority
  • scarcity

Reciprocity.  Ever wonder why we see the same faces term-by-term? Whether John Bolton, Kagan-Nuland, Tony Blinken, ginger Jen, Gary Gensler, etc, etc… the list is endless.  The foregoing names are not selected by their ability. They are selected only to serve the reciprocal interest of the Impostor — and of the capturing class — which has selected the impostor leader.   

Consistency. The impostor must perform to the standard consistently needed to satisfy the capturing class, which prompted the impostor to power.

Social Proof.Social proof is the concept that people follow the actions of the masses. The idea is that since so many other people behave in a certain way it must be the correct behavior.’ – Sprout Social see linkThis is why, for example, elevating social or racial conflict is so important to the impostor president as ‘leader’, and promoting divisive social messages to divide and conquer the populace.

People must like you. The impostor must have charisma or be personally endearing when charisma is not present.  As such Joe Biden appears to be the kindly grandfather type; he may be stern when he has to, but will charm us with his patronage, folksy language and smile, via infrequent speeches and sparse media appearances.

Authority. Authority is the most invaluable credence an impostor may possess. While Joe Biden’s policy initiatives failed – whether as ranking minority judiciary chair or by his advocacy for the unlawful invasion and occupation of Iraq – there is no doubt that the people of Delaware were fooled enough by Biden to vote for him term after term after term.  

Scarcity. Scarcity means that few others are capable of doing what the impostor can do.  The DNC-selected field of ‘candidates’ perfectly represents this dilemma. Hillary Clinton was not an option, and other candidates were all unsuitable because they did not possess the traits needed, as listed here, to successfully impostor. Only Joe Biden fit the bill.

As for Biden’s failure to appear publicly, that’s another important matter of authority. The impostor must not publicly be seen to stumble and fall, or show weakness whether physical or mental. As for longevity, Biden’s advanced age means that a two-term presidency is exceedingly unlikely. Biden must be carefully protected from contracting illness so he is seldom seen in public, or meeting with individuals inside the White House, except at great distance. Here it seems the DNC miscalculated, unless they wish to leverage another hopeful impostor to power, being Kamala Harris.

Thus we are left with yet another Impostor president. This bodes ill for the survival of the Republic, especially when the Impostor president has become an Institution scammed upon us by the capturing class, and not a fluke of history..

    “Although it matters to all men to know the truth, there are nevertheless very few who enjoy that distinction; Some are incapable of seeking it out by themselves, and others do not want the trouble. One should therefore not be astonished that the world is filled with vain and ridiculous opinions.” — de La Monnoye, Three Impostors  (1777 translation)

US State Wants a New War

Steve Brown

US State is itching for a new war.  State has ignored the monkey business between Israel and Iran — not to mention Syria — because State knows a war with Iran will not favor the Evil Empire’s interest. And in a bizarre twist, the US has made overtures to Iran which Iran has rejected.  So if war with Iran is not an option, how about somewhere less threatening from the US point of view… like Ukraine?  

And why do the vile miscreants who litter State want a new war anyway? …  or at least a “war option”? We’ll examine that later, but first consider the threat Nord Stream 2 poses to the US liquid natural gas (LNG) industry. Consider that the former United States has invested billions in overseas LNG terminals and the promotion of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) for export.  Completion of Nord Stream 2 will challenge  US dominant corporate interests in Europe, while marginalizing US-captured Ukraine, the present supplier of pipelined natural gas from Russia to Europe.  And since the fully Captured State is beholden to vulture-Corporatists of the worst kind, any real or imagined competitor delivering LNG to Germany must be annihilated. But the US has not defeated Nord Stream 2 yet, despite valiant attempts to do so, and sanctions upon sanctions. As such, State may concentrate on a Ukraine conflict instead, in addition to sanctions, as a means to halt completion of the project. 

An important new factor in this equation is Germany’s 12.5% reduction in trade with the former United States, a most significant decline*.  And because NATO’s false, pointless, and futile attempt to maintain US hegemony over Europe is going nowhere too, Germany is turning away from its perverse and historic relationship. Germany’s directional change has threatened Kushnerian ambitions in the Western Sahara, and surprisingly prompted secret talks between Algeria and Germany on North African affairs.  To this point, the former United States and France have dominated North Africa with their respective illegal military operations via Africom, and French military action to secure uranium interests there.

Germany controls the ECB which holds the second-most important global currency and is no doubt nonplussed by US weaponization of a failing dollar. By falling trade with the US and Germany’s pivot toward China, Germany may look to expand its interests in North Africa beyond the corrosive effect of US duplicity. The all-consuming question is whether Germany will breathe new life into the Axis of Resistance — a burning question at State. State views Germany as being a potential wayward threat by its ECB exposure, the euro, and IMF directional policy.  Evidence exists that US FOREX traders recently attacked the euro for this very reason. But while Germany cannot be directly targeted by the US for its adoption of Nord Stream 2, Russia can be. And has been for many years. The United States has aggressively targeted Russia for:

In addition, the US — always the double-dealer — has engaged its fascistic NATO cohorts (Lithuania/ Poland) in a rather sleazy attempt to isolate the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad. For sure no opportunity to aggress by the debauched and perverse Empire is ever missed.  

More serious is the situation in Ukraine. With Kagan-Nuland and bloodthirsty US Neoliberals braying for blood — and ever more powerful in State — the former United States may seek more than just sanctions from Russia. Ukraine tension in the capable hands of the US State Strzyga provides these advantages:

  • Powerful diversion to distract from lame US leadership
  • Prevent completion of Nord Stream 2
  • Pressure Russia into concessions
  • Convince Russia to vacate Syria, cementing delivery of Syria’s occupied territories to Israel

This delicate balance for targeting Russia must not lead to outright war. That the failures and incompetents extant within US State may countenance such risk, is of course damning and illustrative of their inhuman nature. For now, this despicable and morally bankrupt US regime and their ever more depraved counterparts at State can buy time while ratcheting tension in Ukraine.  The contagion and a booming US economy provide cover for everything they subvert, at least for now.

As such Kagan-Nuland and her cohorts may bask in their misguided belief that State is making the world uncomfortable for all who disagree with their Neocon failed-state agenda – for now. But let’s say by some bizarre twist MMT fails, interest rates explode, inflation is rampant (to the point of hyper) and even bitcoin has crashed…  the outlook is dire.

Never fear, Strzyga will find a new war to save the day… whatever that war may be… it’s a war US State is praying for… and braying for.

*Germany’s trade with China (by comparison) remains unchanged

**United States illegally invaded and occupied Iraq eighteen years ago, and committed war crimes.

BLM Wants to Destroy a Ranch in Nevada

Steve Brown

“The only difference between Somalia and the United States is that American corruption is fully institutionalized.”  — Options trader Austin ‘Bud’ Burrell

The Thacker Pass mine is a proposed 400-foot-deep open pit initiative by Canada’s Lithium LAC and Ganfeng Lithium of Shenzhen, China.  Now why is a Sino-Canadian corporate allowed to open pit mine on US public land? And potentially put a Nevada rancher out of business too?  Well, the Bureau of Land Management Captured Regulator says it’s okay. So there must be a problem.

Thacker Pass harbors endangered species in an endangered region, where Nevada rancher Ed Bartell will likely be forced out of business too, should the mine go forward.  That’s because the mine will contaminate ground water and pollute with waste rock, diesel fuel, and tons of sulfuric acid to a potential depth of 400 feet over many thousands of acres. Thacker pass’s hectorite clay requires sulfuric acid to be processed, which is exceedingly toxic to all forms of life, including human.

Thacker Pass is pristine wilderness public land in Northern Nevada that foreign corporations wish to exploit for that open pit mining. The Bureau of Land Management’s decision for Ganfeng-LAC may result in environmental devastation to Northern Nevada’s public land, and the Bureau hastily and without due consideration pushed the decision through in record time. The BLM ignored public opinion and issued the land use decision quickly, in part due to NEPA rule changes pushed by the former Executive at the urging of his Corporate cronies. And incredibly, the environmental impact statement for mining there was prepared by the miner’s own contract consultants.

As such, the BLM allowed the Canada miner’s contractor to carry out ground water testing and the environmental impact study at Thacker Pass. According to the lawsuit filed, the contractor’s results don’t tally with the reduction seen in the rancher’s wells, a result that has already impacted local streams. The Bureau made no effort to verify the contractor’s findings, and rubber-stamped the public land use decision, failing to perform due diligence characteristic of its Captured State modus operandi. Precisely how the spill, run-off, and pollution will devastate the underwater aquifer and local streams and wildlife in the region was not assessed by the miner’s contractors according to the lawsuit.

Canada’s hopeful miner** — in which Ganfeng of Shenzhen China holds a considerable stake — now hopes to exploit America’s public land for profit as ignominiously approved by the BLM. But this is not just the effort of foreign nationals to colonize US national interests. Reference instead the DTCC’s goons backed by the highest levels of US power where the masters of Wall Street corruption sold out to Wall Street’s wet dream high bidders long, long ago. And by the time anyone tried to do something about it (but not the overall financialization of the US economy) it was too little, too late… and futile

As such, American infrastructure companies were destroyed by predatory crony-capitalists , and many big company names have fled. Those Include Barrick, Weatherford, McDermott, Transocean, Ensco Rowan, and many more — all have fled the United States. Transocean trades for just a few dollars now; Weatherford and Ensco (Valaris) have been acquired abroad, gone bankrupt, or trade for just pennies; in part due to Wall Street’s anti-competitive merger mania and short interest corruption.

Meanwhile sleazy foreign operators like Rio Tinto monopolize large sectors of the US mining industry and have done so for many years. Highly criminalized Wall Street traders and their perverse banks still rule the day. Canadian mining companies from the Big Five to juniors have a long history of exploiting US resources too, and operating on public land in cooperation with the captured BLM, having scant regard for US interests, as assisted by the highest US federal officials

The last regime gutted NEPA rules, which is especially concerning for our public lands. And the executive branch did nothing to support US infrastructure or industry; or support US miners over foreign interests: the president lied. Ironically it was Canada’s LAC who farmed-out Thacker Pass’s excavation work to North American Coal, a Texas company owned by NACCO which has a long and ignoble history of challenging EPA environmental decisions.

As of March 2nd, Lithium LAC’s subsidiary Lithium Nevada was supposed to show for a ‘good neighbors’ meeting with locals in Orovada, to discuss the mine. Western Shoshone and Northern Paiute families appeared to protest the project but Lithium Nevada bailed, citing concerns about ‘safety’ with regard to protesters.  Yes, very scary folks in wellington boots and parkas. Well, that’s Big Corporate bravery for you.  According to our source, considerable outrage about the Thacker Pass project was expressed at the meeting, where the LAC second team was just too frightened to appear.

Nevada rancher Ed Bartell’s lawsuit versus the Bureau of Land Management is not the only lawsuit to be filed versus Canada’s open pit, Western Watersheds has filed too, so that a better method may be found to mine the lithium. The Native American tribes are protesting the potential destruction, as are conservationists fighting the mine.   

So, what is to be done to protect Thacker Pass? Beside enjoining mining activity until the lawsuits may be resolved, and the environmental impact may be properly assessed, the American people must insist that any such development conform to sustainable methods where the groundwater is verifiably not polluted, endangered species are verifiably not endangered, and harmful pollutants are verifiably not injected into the habitat, including diesel and sulfur.  Unless the water needed and electricity needed to mine the region can be sustainably provided with little or no impact, and the sulfuric acid requirement be eliminated, the project must not proceed.

…and may Musk’s Tesla batteries be damned.

*Novus Confidential has continually written about the revolving door between US institutionalized governmental corruption and corporate entities, the Captured State and Captured Regulatory.

**Cauchari-Olaroz mine is not yet a producer

NB: Author does not hold now, has never held, and will never hold any financial interest or instrument whatsoever and/or of any kind in North American Coal’s holding company (NACCO); China Ganfeng Lithium; and/or Canada’s Lithium LAC publicly traded securities.

Why the Fed Loves Bitcoin pt 3

Steve Brown

‘Jailers are most happy when their prisoners either cooperatively or unknowingly build their own prison..’ – C A Fitts

The ‘unknown war’ is the reserve currency war, a war which has been raging in the background for years.  I first covered this topic seventeen years ago in my Sourcewatch 2004 article, “Iraq: the Road to War”.  Quote:

“Essentially the energy business is a dollar business – oil is priced in dollars and traded in dollars, and so long as the dollar substantially underpins international trade then foreign government currency reserves must be backed with dollar purchases..”

The above monetary equation – in one form or another – has been understood by the Great Powers for centuries – if not millennia – while people fighting their wars have been unknowing and subject to the monetary system’s inimical influence. Such a reserve currency war is important because real power is not wielded by militarism, but by owning the global monetary hegemonic*.  Wars provide cover to Central Bankers, such that people fighting wars never know the true motivation .

For years the US dollar has been gradually losing market share with respect to the euro and SDR revival, and even to the renminbi. The decline of the dollar began as soon as the Nixon Shock unleashed it from gold. The dollar was then linked to oil and the global petro village, as described by my 2004 article.  The end monetary game has been pending since the 2008-2009 US monetary collapse, with a result that the dollar can no longer be backed by oil or by duplicitous weaponization of the dollar, which is failing right now in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

So what about bitcoin? When the United States embezzlement scheme collapsed in 2009, a fictional Satoshi Nakamoto appeared, somewhat reminiscent of the John Titor hoax.  Except this time he-she (or it) incidentally introduced bitcoin. The fictional ‘Nakamoto’ purposely or inadvertently created an eventual $1T US fiat phenomena. The beta idea here is for a Fed-sponsored digital currency to eventually provide a successor to the oil-pegged reserve dollar, where oil is no longer a reliable factor for deriving US dollar value. The bitcoin derivative of the dollar as it shall evolve, is thus a successor to the gold-pegged / oil-pegged dollar.  Bitcoin’s eventual primary focus (as adopted by the Fed) will be as an alternative to China’s CBDC crypto-currency in the reserve currency war.

Alas, our centralized digital monetary planners may not be as clever as they seem. Bitcoin is a centralized gambit competitor to China’s challenge to US dollar hegemony and there are truly just four core bitcoin developers, being Wladimir van der Laan, Jonas Schnelli, Pieter Wuille, and Cory Fields. That centralization of protocol development voids any ‘distributed’ claim bitcoin advocates may assert. These four “core developers” have already changed the protocol, removing the Alert Key function from the blockchain.

These “core” developers will (supposedly) make bitcoin ‘scalable’ via the so-called lightning network, which will require a major change to the bitcoin protocol as I’ve written about before.  And those who tout that a hard fork makes the blockchain distributed equates to fantasy. A hard fork is not decentralization. Yes, bitcoin by its ‘core development’ is far more centralized than Fed fiat, which evolves by collective Fed sleight-of-hand, where the Fed forever pulls new debt-instrument rabbits out of its hat. Concept ACK.

While blockchain bitcoin is a derivative of fiat by definition, there are derivatives upon derivatives on top of that, being the digitized virtual ‘currencies’ that layer on top of what is supposed to be a currency but is not.** One such artifact is a highly suspect token gamed by a highly suspect bank in the Bahamas, which fuels most BTC speculative activity and has been declared illegal in New York State.

The point of this article however is that ‘Satoshis’ appear to be a trial run, for a new technology Fed-sponsored global reserve currency. The Federal Reserve will allow blockchain evolution to proceed before pre-empting it (ie ending beta BTC). The Fed will introduce digital dollars, being mandatory legal tender in the United States.  China’s ‘progress’ in the introduction of its centralized digital currency allows that luxury of time to the Fed, to pursue such a strategy, where the Fed hopes to pre-empt China in its run for control of the digitized monetary hegemonic going forward.

Now, having adopted MMT the Fed must engineer its new blockchain to allow infinite creation of currency and maintain centralization, while putting Satoshi’s out of business. There is the rub. As I’ve written about in “Why the Fed Loves Bitcoin Pt 2”, the Fed/Treasury will do this by preventing BTC market cap from rising too high.

Again, the Fed’s iteration of blockchain will not closely resemble Satoshi’s BTC. It will allow for an unlimited amount of digital currency to be created, and will be centralized in all regards. The question is how the Fed will phase-out ‘Satoshi beta’, or allow it to continue as an adjunct to assist ESF black ops. (So, when the Fed finally makes its move on its own digital currency existing BTC holders may not lose all their speculative fiat in bitcoin! -ed.)

Pursuant to the above, the Fed gets luxury of time versus China’s introduction of CBDC, because the yuan/renminbi is not freely convertible and China has maintained strict capital controls. China maintains strict control of its currency, preventing it from fully competing with the dollar, and that provides a luxury of time to the Federal Reserve. The Fed is gambling that it can introduce its digital currency before China’s CBDC evolves beyond China and the Axis of Resistance.

Unfortunately, we are left with one last truth: “Crypto Currency is a denial of reality and it’s a denial of even the depiction of reality…”   Something that future generations will discover in time, after years of war and deprivation. And by the way. There is no evidence anywhere to show that bitcoin allows ‘oppressed people’ to ‘screw the man’ or evade sanctions by America’s vicious and murderous warfare state.  No one can provide that proof and no one has ever seen it.

*No government will ever outright say, “We need to win the reserve currency war!” but many innocents may die in pursuit of that goal.

**Bitcoin – like the Fed itself – is an Epictetus appearance of the fourth kind.

Gold Has Value to bin Zayed at Least

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Steve Brown

Thanks to the fantasy of bitcoin, Wall Street dreams, and the ruling class’s constant propaganda war versus gold, the paper market for gold — as run by the CME, LBMA, and BIS cartel — is now increasingly bearish. But demand is still high in the United Arab Emirates where a large proportion of illegally produced and smuggled gold finds a ready market. Long a hub for smuggled gold, the United Arab Emirates only recently pledged to curtail its illegal gold imports based on US regime action over Venezuela.

A recent gold windfall for bin Zayed however has been the kidnappings in Nigeria with thousands of ounces in ransom gold paid to bandits in exchange for the return of young students. The Nigerian government claims the bandits were repentant and so returned the students, but no doubt a large amount of Nigerian gold – most mined illegally – helps them feel that way.

The Nigerian government may deny it, but the illegal gold trade has been a staple earner for the government, particularly via its gold trade relationship with the bin Zayed regime. Nigeria has attempted to address the artisanal gold issue via PAGMI, an initiative to formalize and contain illegal and unsafe gold mining, while the kidnappings in the remote northeast seem an unintended consequence. The government has not handled the situation well, and the government’s ill-inspired hoopla about the production of London good-for-delivery bars must seem like red meat to a lion.

Meanwhile the western media has gone to great length to avoid mentioning the role of gold as payment for ransom, in Nigeria. The New York Times article does not mention gold at all, and other western articles refer only to a shutdown of Nigerian gold mining in the kidnap-affected region. Unlike US dollars, gold cannot be marked or traced, has real lasting value, and gold is a liquid asset anywhere in the world, even when the power is out, or internet down.

All of the above has been aggravated by the US destabilization of Northern Africa and the Sahel region since 2011, where the United States and France have created failed states there in an attempt to retain access to resources from regions they’ve traditionally plundered. Mali, Niger, and Trump’s disastrous Western Sahara ‘deal’ — over and above the NATO/US destruction of Libya — has contributed to roving bands of gangsters and weaponry flooding an already unstable sub-Sahara.

As for Nigeria, the government has many complex issues with regard to its remote northeast region… far too complex to address here. But of one thing we can be certain: no one in Washington will be of any help. With regard to reform of corrupt US foreign policy, expect the contrary going forward in all matters of State, everywhere.

Bitcoin: Rinse and Repeat

Steve Brown

Where does $180Bn US lost in BTC go? As we’ve written about on many occasions, where do billions of dollars in liquidated fiat go? Even the Treasury has trouble with that question. The US created its capital markets to contain trillions in stocks, notes, bills, bonds, and dollar derivatives of all sorts. While bitcoin may be an outlier, plenty of evidence exists that bitcoin serves a useful purpose for the Federal Reserve to sterilize capital by the means described here, and as has just occurred. Rinse and repeat.

Whether the charming statement about bitcoin by one of America’s largest criminal banks has contributed to BTC’s recent turnaround is unknown. The greater possibility is that whales temporarily sidelined by regulatory action are getting back into bitcoin after rinsing out the small retail holders, when bitcoin reached $1T US in market cap (as predicted in January). Such an outcome with BTC is more than pleasing to the Federal Reserve.

Since BTC is the Fed’s virtual ‘golden goose’ and too useful for the Fed to kill off, the question remains whether those whom the system intends to imprison will continue to build their prison quietly on behalf of their monetary system jailers, or rebel. No doubt ‘calming statements’ – like the one made by Citibank – are intended to quell any such rebellion. In other words, the Fed knows a) there is too much Big Money in BTC to end it; b) the punters who bailed on cue will likely return with their dollars; while c) certain systemic problems with bitcoin exist.

Beside the tether decision, systemic issues with so-called stablecoins, and the lightning network, bitcoin has a flaw at its very core: the Alert Key function of the protocol is inoperable. The Alert Key is a function of the bitcoin protocol intended to alert the ledger network when a ‘disruption’ has occurred, for example ‘stolen bitcoin’ or ‘hijacking’ of the chain. The verifiable Alert Key protocol should broadcast such events to alert the network but does not. This functionality was removed by the oh-so-trustworthy developer honchos Wladimir van der Laan, Jonas Schnelli and Pieter Wuille, upon the shoulders of whom sit one trillion fiat dollars in highly speculative bitcoin derivative capital. “Concept ACK.”

So why was the Alert Key removed from the protocol? Based on the very criminality verifiably at the heart of “Satoshi Nakamoto’s” bitcoin*. When bitcoin’s major exchange Mt Gox failed in 2014 due to criminal activity, it was discovered that convicted criminal Mark Karpeles somehow had the Alert Key protocol keys in his possession. By 2016 the reddit developers charged with maintaining “block chain fiduciary responsibility” removed that alert key functionality, which gives rise to a very large moral and legal question with regard to who is “in charge” of the bitcoin protocol. Bitcoiners like to say bitcoin is distributed and unassailable, but that is far far from the truth when its protocol relies on a few “trusted” developers to maintain it. And in typical fashion, reddit posters in charge of the bitcoin protocol decided to “use website, twitter, reddit, Slack” and a mailing list to advise the network of any major disruption.

All of the above results in a rather nasty dilemma for bitcoin, where even its origins are unknown. But the Fed must keep BTC alive to launder the proceeds relating to artefacts of trillions in US dollars created via MMT capital outflows. And seemingly the positive statements made about bitcoin by America’s largest and most criminal banks will lure in deeper pocket speculators than the current FINTECH community targets for the bitcoin scam.

And what of the bitcoin punter hoping to make a quick bit of speculative fiat? Rinse and repeat.

*and it is his or hers – or belongs to the intelligence agency that created it; no one has ever been licensed to use the bitcoin database by “Satoshi Nakamoto”.