Distributed Internet — and Bitcoin — Can Be Shutdown

At least selectively… how and why.

Recall that the internet was “invented” by DARPA as a communication system that could survive a nuclear catastrophe; and evidence exists that contractors to DARPA were briefed to write the Bitcoin whitepaper too, which appeared just subsequent to the financial collapse of the United States in 2008-2009.

MAE-East and MAE-west respectively, once formed two major hubs for internet traffic in the United States. Since their introduction in the 1990’s, the central government’s “free market” version of corporatist fascism* — which is not free market at all — mandated a split to private connectivity providers who are not free, but under control of the “der Faderland” national security behemoth: Homeland Security. (What’s a “homeland”? ..not the United States.) Homeland Security is staffed by one-quarter million employees working to control you and what you see and hear. Link: https://www.sdxcentral.com/articles/analysis/mae-west-and-equinix-what-do-they-have-to-do-with-sd-wan/2018/11/

The point is that the central government is fully in control of your media, a totalitarian central governmental entity that the Founders of the Republic warned about. But it’s not just DARPA-DHS controlled US providers — and Google’s search engines — blocking the Kremlin, RT, and Sputnik websites. Evidently the .com domain extension is DNS-denied via similar control, as Iran discovered when its Press TV website experienced the same restriction, now only accessed via its state-assigned .ir domain.

But this is certain, too: should the US, Israel and/or EU decide on undeclared war with Iran (as they have now with Russia) then the PressTV internet .ir site will be made unavailable, too. Note that US/Israel/EU may not be formally at war with Russia, but have allegedly taken such access denial steps (as with Iran) in collusion with Ukraine and other state-sponsored hackers, and ISP’s, to deny access to particular Russian sites. Whether you care about the Kremlin’s website being available or not, is not the point. The point is the ability of centralized unaccountable power to shutdown whatever dialogue or information source it cares to.

The same can potentially apply to blockchain-crypto no matter how ‘DeFi’ . The US Treasury/OCC can mandate that all US accredited banks may not transact with a particular bitcoin exchange, or with any and all bitcoin exchanges. Sorry, but this is just a fact, regardless of how strenuously Stacy Herbert rejects it. So far, by Wall Street’s huge investment in crypto, that has only happened when an exchange goes down or is selectively blocked from trading. But the blockchain ledger analogy to SWIFT messaging and how government’s may weaponize such messaging systems is entirely relevant, no matter how “DeFi” they claim to be. And that is why Ripple XRP for example — burdened by lawsuits — poses no threat to SWIFT.

Bitcoin’s entire premise is about peer-to-peer transactions, meaning only two parties transact. Perhaps true in the beginning, but not now. Except for hashers, very few BTC transactions are strictly peer-to-peer. Most punter transactions involve an exchange, and buying and selling crypto’s also relies on an exchange. Again, at any time the US Treasury/OCC can block or deny all transactions or a particular public address transaction, to any exchange, at any time. As above, by Wall Street’s huge investment in crypto, so far that has only selectively happened** but in conditions of war or martial law (as in Canada) all that will change.

Another bitcoin exchange-blocked example: SouthFront. The intel website SouthFront is one that the DHS der Faderland security certainly may not appreciate. But so far Southfront’s internet access via its .org domain has not been blocked. Perhaps only a matter of time until it will be. While the SouthFront website may be available, crypto donations to SouthFront are blocked by major exchanges like crypto/com, binance, bitfinex and others.

Beyond that, note that Russia has restrictions on crypto, and crypto is not a function for any state to practically avoid the US Treasury’s weaponization of the US dollar. And no Central Bank – not even el Salvador – relies on crypto to guarantee its foreign reserves. This is not written to disparage bitcoin. It was, originally, a great idea like the internet, even if invented by DARPA and its contractors. But… they are ultimately administered by Mr Global’s Axis of Evil, just as the kremlin website is down right now. Perhaps a tangent, but Mr Global’s Fourth Reich bears zero resemblance to the Third, except for its ultimate goal of world hegemonic power.

Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Reich is not the world of a goose-stepping Nazi in brown shirt, flying banners, and singing beer hall songs to threaten. Today’s Fourth Reich’er can be any trillionaire of any stripe, race, color, creed, or religion, and is not white supremacist: Totalitarianism does not discriminate. But Mr Global’s Fourth Reich does adhere to the founding principles of the Madrid Circular, in a modern sense:

Madrid Circular: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracyfact/comments/5ty0n0/the_madrid_circular_part_1_nazis_never_die/

Understanding the power of cartelization, centralization, conglomeration, and monopolist corporatism extends far beyond corporatism alone, and is to understand Mr Global’s Fourth Reich in the political realm, right now. As the Third Reich once targeted the Soviet Union… Mr/Ms Global’s Fourth Reich targets Russia today… eight years subsequent to the US coup d’etat in Ukraine. That the EU has blocked access to Sputnik perfectly underlines the Nazi structure which overlays the EU itself: there is no “democracy” where the EU is concerned; its MEP’s make no legislation, pass no laws. Only the Commission does. Faceless vile bureaucrats, the EU Commission may as well be the faceless face of Adolf Hitler’s Germany today, perfectly represented by the Madrid Circular of 1950, as linked above.

Overall? Justin Trudeau tipped the Globalist hand too soon, when he declared central government powers to shutdown a peaceful protest. For subjects of “commonwealth” Canada — unlike for citizens of the United States — freedom of speech and right to peaceful assembly is not protected. But Trudeau’s declaration of Emergency Power – effectively martial Law – is the bottom line regarding what we must all expect: that Mr Global’s Fourth Reich mandate for complete control will one day prevail. Contagion or not.

Regardless of whether you own bitcoin or not (or have access to National Amusements CBS news streaming to your smartphone or not) at the touch of a key, der Faderland Security can cut it all. Just as Mr Global can censor Novus Confidential by the same means. The day for virtual/digitized reckoning with the Globalist Fourth Reich is coming, and that is what this battle is (and should be) about. And, as Mr Trudeau just tipped Mr Global’s hand in Canada, this can get very personal, too.

* Defined as state-controlled capitalism, where corporatists collude with government to the government’s ends.

** Fed’s need for crypto is to hammer gold; and as a repository to sterilize inflationary punter capital.

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