Bitcoin: Vanguard’s Great FinTech Reset

According to the WTO, in 2020 global trade volume decreased by 9%. Of course that global trade decline is attributed to the economic effect of the contagion; however US trade wars and weaponization of the US dollar, along with the US boxing itself into a trade-restrained corner by politically motivated sanctions, must count, too.

Any potential for a reversal in globalization alarms the Vanguard Group to such an extent however, they produced a paper intended to soothe Elite nerves on the matter: Link: and characterize the reversal in global trade as “slowbilization” instead of de-globalization.

The Vanguard “Deglobalization Myth” paper was produced by ivory tower monetary kleptocrats and their serfs, and the paper is full of acronyms like “GFC” (Global Financial Crisis) which is all the reader needs to know about its substance, or lack of it.

Vanguard Group is the wealthiest investment group on earth, and owns a big share of the next largest investment group too, BlackRock. But Elites have desire to avoid the slings and arrows of a potentially torch-bearing public, and notoriety to those who may have, in an earlier era, had their heads. Vanguard Group is particularly sinister in that regard, where participation in the Group is opaque by structure, and Vanguard Group’s major shareholders are effectively impossible to identify.

Filmmaker Tim Gielen, author of “Monopoly Who Owns the World” Link : has researched Vanguard’s ownership in depth, only to determine what we must already suspect, “This means that Vanguard is in the hands of the richest families on earth.” Link: A leading light of Vanguard is of course John Brennan of Rockefeller Capital Management, with deep ties to the Saudi monarchy and to the Evil Empire in general. Link:

We can internalize, externalize, or ignore the foregoing facts altogether, but in the west, Vanguard controls and owns what we eat, what we drink, and even our health. In a sense, Vanguard Group determines where we live, how we live, and the materials used to build our homes. Vanguard Group is a monopolistic cartel and also a parasitic entity feeding on ubiquitous cronyism, greed, and a lust for power never known in western history before, to such an extent. Vanguard is where the giant moving parts of an extant sinister regime work together to reinforce one another. And oh, by the way.. Vanguard Group is a substantial owner of Bitcoin, too.

One example is Michael Saylor’s Microstrategy (MSTR) Wall Street bitcoin stock which has a US $6B market capitalization.

Saylor in 1992

With 66%+ institutional ownership, Vanguard Group and BlackRock (in part owned by Vanguard) is the second largest holder of this bitcoin offering, Microstrategy (MSTR):

The Wall Street bitcoin shill is also played out by the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) largely owned by Cathie Wood’s ARK Innovation:

Cathie Wood’s ETF and the Vanguard ETF supposedly compete, but these funds and groups are totally incestuous, meaning they all own parts of each other. Vanguard, BlackRock, Ark etc are simply the moving parts of a massive monopolistic cabal… not truly “investments”. Vanguard and associated whales by market implication own most (Wall Street) bitcoin, but recall that that the Pax Americana’s Fed is heavily invested too, where the Federal Reserve via its Primary Dealers and ESF leverages bitcoin to launder billions in inflationary fiat currency. Link:

F U money apes, Link: and FinTech may chant a $100K bitcoin laser eyes mantra, but it’s Vanguard Group’s infinitely corrupt mainstream media, CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg etc that chant the BTC bullshit at a fever pitch; as feverish as any Bohemian Grove blood beast. As we examined in Bitcoin Rinse and Repeat, Christine LeGarde and Central Bank cut-outs might whine about bitcoin, but the BTC scam is essential to their DNA of fiat sterilization, the Vanguard Group, and its related financial cabal.

Vanguard’s vanguard are the debauched bitcoin messiahs link: who bray about the freedom and liberty that bitcoin supposedly provides to the downtrodden, while Vanguard essentially plans for its financial version of the Great Reset link: for which Bitcoin is the test case. The FinTech messiah’s mantra chant about “decentralization” of Bitcoin is an irrelevance too when any government in the world can prevent its banking system from interacting with any bitcoin exchange in the world, at any time. And, any bitcoin exchange can prevent bitcoin transactions for political reasons.,, and prohibit transactions for political reasons, where the SouthFront bitcoin transaction ban by those exchanges provides a concise example. Link: I’d written before that avoidance of illegal US Treasury sanctions and weaponization of a deeply corrupt warfare state Federal Reserve dollar provides the only positive use case for bitcoin.** Now, with the SouthFront example, that’s no longer true. And precisely the opposite of what bitcoiners T Maxwell Keiser, Brock Pierce, and Mr Mike “The Burger Guy” Saylor tell their bitcoin converts regarding the purity of “decentralized bitcoin” .

Essentially,, serve Vanguard’s Masters of War; they are serfs of Empire. Which questions the original premise of bitcoin itself, that somehow bitcoin will “screw the man” and liberate oppressed people all over the world from monetary tyranny. It’s a crytpo propaganda crusade endorsed by Vanguard, where we are told that the downtrodden and politically oppressed everywhere will be saved by a Kahzakh hashrater’s hash. Bullshit. It’s a lie like every other lie the Vanguard Group’s “investment” Empire perpetrates, with such emphasis and influence that the alt-media brays the same lying tune as the MSM.

Despite the bitcoin anointed mantra about “decentralization”, factually the OCC may shutdown nearly all bitcoin transactions in the US by preventing any US accredited bank from transacting with any crypto exchange, anywhere. Of course the OCC won’t do that as we examined in Why the Fed Loves Bitcoin Pt 3, because the “open ledger” provides a dark pool for the Fed’s criminal dealers to disappear billions in Federal Reserve-created near-garbage US dollars. Link: Sterilzation of capital Also see: Link:

As such, let’s take a deeper dive into the Deep Financial States (of America) suspicious shenanigans. The Fed’s reverse repo gaming* chart shows a big dip from December 31st to January 11th at the far right side of the chart:

The Fed began tapering some time before, so the dip at the right of the chart does not fully represent that. What does it represent? Coinciding with the first protests in Khazakstan (likely engineered by the same cabal that the Vanguard Group represents Link: and see: and see: 1999: US Silk Road Act ) we received a report that the bitcoin hashrate fell by nearly 20%, resolving a mystery regarding where most China bitcoin “miners” had gone. (Beside Texas of course!)

Now let’s examine Bitcoin’s chart to date, which reflects trading in all of the many thousands of other crypto on the blockchain:

Note the dip down from December 31st until now. The performance is identical. This implies that Fed’s dealers are far more implicated in the bitcoin scam than ever imagined. Recall too that the repo market is essentially a Fed insider operation to bankroll its crooked dealers. Link: And see:

Because the Federal Reserve has somewhat reduced its cash injections to its highly criminalized dealers (QE tapering) that may account, in part, for the chart dip. But the similarity to recent declines in a scam derivative (ie bitcoin – a scam only outdone by the scam of the Fed dollar itself) is uncanny.

Meanwhile another intensely criminal financial house that promoted liar loans while short-selling securities based on those very same liar loans, gloats about the potential for bitcoin to reach $100K US! Link: Of course Goldman Sachs expects the poor and downtrodden who so benefit from bitcoin (crying all the way from their bank) to believe that. And for one reason. Because GS is convinced that you, the reader, are into this ponzi just as much as Goldman Sachs is…. Or perhaps a second …Goldman Sachs simply takes the public for being the perpetual marks they frequently are?

In who or whom do we trust? Perhaps the God in which the USA trusts is the Vanguard Group god of mammon. It certainly seems so. And many F U money young people have gone along with that. After all, ‘Jailers are most happy when their prisoners either cooperatively or unknowingly build their own prison..’

Bitcoin. Wall Street and Fed dealer banks… have never seen a scam they didn’t like!

*called Open Market Operations which involves the world’s most criminal banks)

** “use case” as a currency is minimal; bitcoin may only transact at seven times per second, maximum.

NB: Here Shanti Phula describes the western financial cabal’s incestuous relationships:

NB: Also see: CIA’s Bitcoin Heist (Afghanistan) Link:

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