An Avalanche of Media Lies: PBS Wikipedia and the CIA

History is a consensus by people who were not there about events that did not happen. Or, history is written by someone who was not there about something that did not happen. Take your pick. But where wikipedia is concerned let’s take the former.

Now that we know about the duplicity and dishonesty of federal governments, it’s useful to revisit certain truths the consensus of which are deemed to be self-evident. Accordingly, it’s useful to re-examine questions presumably forgotten, and place those questions in a current context. For example whatever happened to the Nazi war loot spirited away from Germany at the end of WW2? Since the US Federal Reserve creates $120Bn US every month, perhaps Nazi gold is a moot point eighty years on. We just expect central governments to thieve gold anyway for their central banks.

But the overall and more subtle picture of what’s happening today makes the Nazi loot question a useful one to ask. After all, Nazi ideals of dominance and control have, over the decades, become ever more deeply embedded in current western political theory, thought, and practice. Link: Allen Dulles, a Nazi-sympathizer certainly played a key role in mainstreaming Nazi ideology. Link:

These are not men and women who wear brown shirts emblazoned with a swastika; or who sport banners and shout racial epithets; they may not appear as we expect them to appear. An Epictetus appearance of the fourth kind.* Some are even of the ilk Nazi’s formerly claimed to despise. They appear in the attire of bankers, Wall Street executives, and hedge fund managers… or media moguls, and major computer operating system designers. Of which Joseph Goebbels would no doubt certainly be proud, were he only here to witness their work today. Dr Joseph Farrell described this socio-political evolution as the “third way”, an alternative between free-market capitalism and state-owned central government despotism. As a result, the third way presents national socialism embodied as Inverse Totalitarianism** in the form of a Captured State, as we see endemic.

Back to the Nazi’s, whether Martin Bormann survived after 1945 becomes moot when we see that the Red House Report (Maison Rouge) Link: plan for Nazi survival was successfully implemented in Europe, and the United States. Link: That plan was originally developed and executed by Martin Bormann. Even if Bormann’s fate is now largely an irrelevance, the nonsense put forth by hack historians in general, and the German government in particular, is pudding proof of the deep malaise of a liar’s confederation in the modern western media today.

Yes, the hysteria concerning Bormann’s legacy and end of life is fascinating in itself. The extent of German government obfuscation regarding the Bormann matter twenty+ years ago, to muddy the waters, is quite astounding. We’ll not tread over old ground to dispute the DNA “findings” of the German Federal Prosecutor who, by decree, announced remains found in Berlin (under highly dubious circumstances in 1972) to be those of Bormann’s. We know that the German federal government is as duplicitous and treacherous as any, whether now, then, or at any time before.

Suffice to say that an impartial and verifiable outcome of Bormann DNA testing was not released by the German government; we are only told by fiat decree that the mitochondrial DNA samples matched. Two different donors are claimed with very deep implication for the government on how, why, and where those donors were chosen… and of course the German government won’t say. DNA scientist Wolfgang Eisenmenger Link: did not ever release the matching trace or annotation of how the DNA was matched. Even if a match, the remains do not prove that Bormann died in that place by suicide in 1945, and Dr Eisenmenger never made any claim about jaw bone glass.

Since the German federal government is nothing but a rhetorical pack of lies anyway – as it has always been and forever rhetorically will be – perhaps the Simon Wiesenthal version would be more interesting? Like Stalin, Simon Wiesenthal always believed that Bormann escaped Berlin, and Wiesenthal possessed more files and evidence on Bormann than anyone else. But the Simon Wiesenthal Center won’t release its files about Bormann either.

The Bormann story gets ridiculous too, where wikipedia claims that Bormann “probably committed suicide on a bridge near Lehrter station” by chomping on a vial of prussic acid. It’s an unsubstantiated claim with zero basis in fact, oft-repeated in the major media, when there is no evidential proof to support the claim. The search object, Upon autopsy, fragments of glass were found in the jaw appears as all “original research” in the online media: ubiquitous with no authoritative source given; no photographs or publicly available files provided from an impartial source. One media source simply cites an another with no grounding, but of course the German Prosecutor declares the glass and DNA evidence by fiat decree only. Moreover, as with Osama bin Laden, the German government buried the (claimed) Bormann remains at sea, Link: so that no further questions may ever be asked… Ah, but that’s actually to deter any potential memorial too! …just as with bin Laden. The central plot sickens and the pattern becomes clear.

There is no reason to re-hash old ground about wikipedia. Larry Sanger’s recent article on the subject appears here: link: and provides all detail needed. Suffice to say that the anecdotal Bormann example above illustrates the challenge a colossal empire of government-sponsored (or not) fake media presents to free discourse in a supposed Constitutional Republic, which is no longer that.

Quasi-governmental media outlets abound, from PBS to the National Endowment for Democracy, Center for Strategic and International Studies, etc, also polluted by the media interests of the six (truly five) corporations that own the US media Link and the most heinous liars of all, the Central Intelligence Agency Link:

Wikipedia says it is different and not subject to corporate abuse; so does PBS. But we know that’s not true. We know they are the most corrupt of all, when a half-truth is far worse than a lie.

Finally, we return to Nazi war loot. What was claimed at the time to be billions in gold, art and much more, would amount to hundreds of billions today; and much of that loot has not to this day been accounted for. Perhaps that loot has all been lost – like Bormann’s dental records? But the greater likelihood is that loot funded the fascist dictatorial Captured State in the west that are forced to live with today…

*A movie made over one-half century ago provides a telling if defacto fictional portrayal of the Nazi survivor story: The Quiller Memorandum and is still highly relevant today.

** Sheldon Wolin

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