Punters Fall for the Crypto Bullshit

If Max Keiser told you that he’s working for the world’s central bank of central banks to push the prototype of a system designed to enslave and control the world’s population, who would listen, follow, or approve? Instead Max — and crypto Utopians — say that crypto will provide liberty, freedom, and justice for all beyond the confines of a corrupt and criminal western-led monetary system. Agreed. That is, agree that the monetary system as it stands is deeply corrupt, and of course the Bank for International Settlements / Fed-Treasury cabal knows that well.

What Max Keiser, Mike Saylor, the Winklevoss twins, Elon Musk and crypto messiahs will never tell you is that they truly advocate for a fiat by-decree virtual currency system on steroids, reminiscent of the quest for the perfect cube. Saying otherwise, in truth they advocate for a virtual cashless society of absolute monetary control — not the opposite. Their crypto push creates the precedent for the central bank crypto revolution that the Bank for International Settlements plans to implement globally. And that’s as inevitable as the ubiquitous vaccine mandates.

Cash still provides anonymity and independence… and yes, personal freedom. Central bank crypto — as being prototyped by the seven-thousand or so crypto products on offer today — represents the future enslavement of humanity. Of course, Central Bankers know they cannot enforce a crypto Central Bank Digital Currency mandate on the people, until the people are ready or already accept that method of transaction. That’s what this current ‘decentralized crypto’* exercise is all about – to get you trained. Proof?

Wall Street invests heavily in crypto-based speculations like GBTC, Microstrategy, and crypto ETF’s —there is the proof. Because the ‘forward-looking’ deeply corrupt Wall Street banks and their vile traders never saw a scam they didn’t like. Likewise Wall Street and the Central Banks know that the public must be weaned off cash and on to CBDC’s eventually.

When the public is suitably trained to use/accept the Central Bank digital currency, central banks will then prohibit commercial banks from transacting with any exchange that does not solely support their CBDC. In other words, when the time comes, the nation’s central bank will prohibit commercial banks from transacting with crypto exchanges that accept any token other than theirs. At that point, the punter in the street can kiss his BTC ETH stablecoins (or whatever non-approved crypto) goodbye.

Here’s the link from the Central Bank of Central Banks where you can read all about it:

Bank for International Settlements CBDC working paper

Now with CBDC whatever personal freedom you had will go the same way as the bicep in your right arm… jabbed and injected away, but virtually.

NB: notes on crypto from experience:

Very slow to transact; crypto buy/sell fees are high; due to fee arbitrage amounts for transactions, buy/sell transaction amounts are inexact; if something goes wrong with an exchange or transaction you are hosed; major exchanges block donation addresses, example SouthFront; does not perform as a true or efficient currency.

*Nakamoto blockchain is not truly decentralized when only a few programmers/developers maintain and enforce implementation of the blockchain protocol, as they have done since its inception.

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