Wall Street’s Bitcoin Mania Takes Hold

China is of course correct not to play. Not just because crypto is energy-unfriendly, but because China recognizes that crypto is a massive store for sterilized US flash-trash inflationary dollars by the trillions, and that Wall Street’s Primary Dealers (who aid and abet the Wall Street scam) maintain the dollar by stashing trillions in crypto. So, crypto is not just a derivative of the dollar. Crypto is the US government’s means to sterilize and exterminate inflationary capital, via hodlers and crypto “whales” who have the deepest of deep political connections to the Deep State’s banking institutions.

Russia is also clearly aware of this crypto-$ scam and vis-à-vis its mouthpiece RT. RT has employed Max Keiser, an alleged CIA asset [employee of Buzzy Krongard and former employee of Alex.Brown investment house] for a period longer than any other commentator, to push that very same US government-endorsed crypto scam via RT. Yes, Keiser knows deep state criminality well, and Max uses that knowledge to push crypto as the “alternative to the dollar” while gloating wildly about the dollar profits he has made since 2010. After all, RT appreciates a great Wall Street scam as much as anyone… and by promoting crypto can profit from it. Who can blame?

The Russian government’s obvious predilection for crypto is interesting because crypto does allow US sanctions to be evaded; however, US sanctions evasion is relatively small and insignificant when compared to Russia’s economy overall. Granted, the ability to evade US sanctions via crypto is an advantage and perhaps the only positive for crypto, in conjunction with its relative inability to tax (when/if profits made). But that’s not what attracts Wall Street to crypto!

Commentators who attempt to expose the connection between the Fed, Wall Street, and Washington’s Deep State crypto connection are quickly shutdown by the FINtech media — including alternative media — for doing so. Roger Ver, creator of Bitcoin cash, had to walk back his oblique statements about the federal government being involved in crypto manipulation, after BCH took a huge subsequent hit. One article about the CIA’s bitcoin heist of Afghanistan Central Bank’s funds during the weeks prior to the US’s defeat there was banned by alternative media outlets with only one notable exceptionand that publisher was asked by a major media player to remove it. The deep political treatment of the retrieval of Colonial Pipeline’s ransomware bitcoin by the financial and mainstream media, reinforces our statement of fact, that not just the Fed, but forces deeply friendly to it, are deeply involved in the promotion of crypto.

But is inflationary fiat laundering by the trillions the only reason for Wall Street and the powers-that-be to push crypto? And to maintain crypto as a prominent method to sterilize inflationary Fed-created capital? Ironically we must quote the honorable Klaus Schwab on the subject of the Great Reset as promoted by the World Economic Forum: https://www.weforum.org/great-reset . Crypto (which by the way is the highest level of security clearance within the US government*) right now launders and holds trillions in inflationary fiat currency. It’s a BLOB-ular prototype run for the implementation of digital id, which is being pushed by Thales and NGO private industry in collusion with federal governments.

Digital ID and related payment systems are already in place in the UK, Australia, Italy and France. Digital ID will eventually include the prototypical crypto standard being developed for the Fed’s Central Bank Digital Currency with US-currency cooperative nations enforcing that standard. Suffice to write that a continuously forked blockchain equivalent is being developed by the Fed. Current issues for Fed CBDC are too numerous to address, but the Fed’s CBDC version of blockchain — and its federally mandated/enforced acceptance — will set the standard and stage for the eventual extermination of cash. Crypto is training a whole generation to accept the use of digital wallets and virtual currencies, key components in a future digitized identity structure and the “4th industrial revolution”.

Don’t have a bank account? Dissident? Trade union leader or member? Contrarian political commentator? Whistleblower unhappy about some real or imagined governmental crime or transgression? Or just a trouble-making conspiracy theorist? Digital ID as linked to government-endorsed crypto-based payment systems can and will shut you down in an instant and lock you out… with an AI virtual keystroke. Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, and major media have even managed to portray their own publicly stated vision of that future as a crazy conspiracy theory. That’s how debauched, perverse, and depraved their Vile Empire is. And crypto is very much a part of that future. Of course Warren Mosler, Cathie Woods and the MMT crew wish to keep this dark future — all built on air, bullshit, oppression and repression — obfuscated from the public, even if the “investing public” is too greedy or too stupid to care. (NB: Most major Wall Street investors are institutional with the shady/shadowy Vanguard leading the pack.)

As Laura Penny wrote, “No amount of SHA256 mathematics can delete human prejudice, and no blockchain ledger can logic away human cruelty…” and of course, Jailers are most happy when their prisoners either knowingly or unwittingly build their own prison. So long as greed, Great Reset prejudice and ignorance about our Inverse Totalitarian State reigns supreme without a public word in opposition — and the punters beholden to Wall Street continue to happily build their crypto-digital ID prison and suppress dissent against it — the future is Klaus Schwab’s.

*Crypto. A US governmental designation or marking which identifies classified operational keying material, and which indicates that this material requires special consideration with respect to access, storage, and handling.

NB: notes on crypto from experience:

Very slow to transact; crypto buy/sell fees are high; due to fee arbitrage amounts for transactions, buy/sell transaction amounts are inexact; if something goes wrong with an exchange or transaction you are hosed; major exchanges block donation addresses, example SouthFront; does not perform as a true or efficient currency.

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